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First Narconon Program Graduate Celebrates Narconon's 47th Anniversary in ... - (press release)
28 March 2013, 3:43 am

Clearwater, FL (PRWEB) March 28, 2013

Gordon Weinand, a graduate of the first Narconon drug rehab program delivered in an Arizona state prison in 1966, celebrates Narconon’s 47th Anniversary and his 47th year of living drug free.

“Narconon’s 47th anniversary tribute would not be complete without sharing some of the story of its unique founder and my best friend, William Benitez,” says Weinand

Benitez tells of his struggles to get clean and his search for a successful recovery 47 years ago that is still relevant to the millions who are still searching for answers today. He started smoking pot when he was 13 and went on to injecting opium and other drugs when he was about fifteen.

“… I carried the monkey for about eighteen years, and it cost me thirteen calendar years of being locked up. In addition to doing time in the Marines, I did a Federal prison term and also was convicted three times in Arizona state courts,” said Benitez.

“After arriving at prison [the last time], a friend of mine gave me some reading material to keep me occupied while I was in the Orientation Cellblock pending transfer to general population. Among the material was an old, tattered book, Fundamentals of Thought, by L. Ron Hubbard…. I had always been an avid reader of books dealing with human behavior. Yet, this small book impressed me more than anything else I had ever read before. I read it over and over and then purchased additional books by Mr. Hubbard and studied them very carefully during the following year, even into the late hours of the night in my cell,” explained Benitez.

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It's sad how they continue to promote this story.  Come on Yvonne, you can do better than this.
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 This is not only lame,it is very lame. Sad that Gordy is but a pawn rolled out to give credence to that which is indefensible!