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Author Topic: Investigation of Scientology Drug Rehab Program in Georgia Shifts to Credit Card  (Read 1478 times)

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Investigation of Scientology Drug Rehab Program in Georgia Shifts to Credit Card Fraud By Tony Ortega at  The Underground Bunker

Jodie Fleischer* of WSB-TV reported today that things just got a lot worse for Scientology’s drug rehab program in the Atlanta area.

When state investigators and county police raided Narconon Georgia on April 26, we knew they were looking for evidence of insurance fraud. But now Gwinnett County DA Danny Porter tells Fleischer that he’s also looking into multiple cases of credit card fraud at the facility that resulted from Narconon officials allegedly taking out cards in the names of patients without their permission — and then charging them to their maximum extent.

If that sounds familiar, you may remember our story from March 21, when attorney Gary Richardson filed five new lawsuits against Scientology’s flagship rehab center in Oklahoma, Narconon Arrowhead. In one of those lawsuits, former Narconon patient Sue Anne Newman alleged that two credit cards had been taken out in her name by Narconon officials, and she was charged $14,500 without her knowledge or permission.

Pete Combs ** of WSB Radio also posted his own story on the new credit card development, as the local media juggernaut keeps up the heat on Narconon Georgia. (Here’s the link to Pete’s story.)

* Families say rehab clinic opened credit cards without permission
By Jodie Fleischer


Local families desperate to save a loved one from drug addiction thought they had found the answer. But now several families tell Channel 2 Action News their enrollment at Narconon of Georgia came with a shocking price: thousands of dollars billed to credit cards they never opened.
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** Narconon patients allege credit card fraud
Embroiled in state licensure revocation proceedings, civil lawsuits and criminal investigations, the Scientology-affiliated drug and alcohol rehabilitation organization known as Narconon faces new allegations of credit card fraud.

Four families – three from Georgia and another from Oklahoma – allege Narconon employees illegally obtained credit cards in their names without their knowledge, then charged those cards to the maximum credit limit as payment for treating their addicted children. In three of the cases, family members said the treatment was incomplete.
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Additional story
Family reveals painful experience in book
By Pete Combs

Terri and Mike Dacy lost their son to drug addiction in May, 2010, four months after he left the Narconon of Georgia drug treatment facility in Norcross.

 In their book, Jonathan: Behind Blue Eyes, the Dacys are quick to say they do not blame Narconon for Jonathan’s death. However, they continue, “If they had provided the ‘bill of goods and services’ that was initially described to us, Jonathan’s future would certainly have been different.”

The book, a collection of remembrances and correspondence regarding Jonathan’s decent into addiction and his struggle to get clean, mentions Narconon of Georgia only as “the facility” and makes several references to the financial issues involving the procurement of unwanted credit cards in the name of Terri’s brother, Scott Maxie.
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More fraud!

Great reporting by Jodie Fleischer and Pete Combs. Can't wait to see Christian's article in the AJC. At least, I hope there will be one.
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