Author Topic: Petition to Evaluate the investigation of Pittsburg Co. Sheriff Joel Kerns  (Read 1701 times)

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Sheriff Joe Kerns. "Everything we found seems to be in order. I know for a fact they are trying to save people's lives to get them off drugs." And "I would rather have a live Scientologist than a dead kid".

Sounds like the Sheriff has had his palm greased.  Unfortunately,  Scientology has plenty of hush money to go around

I signed the petition.
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I signed it too; let's hope they get many more signatures quickly!

'til later;
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Me too. Thanks for posting AnonLover.
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Thank you, Anon Lover.  I guess there's so much going on with Narconon, we can't get it all around everywhere it needs to be.  I guess there are worse problems to have.   ;)  Thanks for helping.
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