Author Topic: Best drug rehab "understanding addiction" or understanding scientology?  (Read 1229 times)

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Best Drug Rehab is really pushing the videos and now has put out the beginning of series called "understanding addiction"


What's interesting about their dozens of videos is that most of them promote everything but scientology.  And yet, most reports suggest that all clients are forced to Scientology training for most of their day.

Where are the videos showing TRs at BDR since clients do them all day?

Dozens of smoke screens hiding the main scientology elements...

I've never seen a scientologist more embarrassed of the tech. 

I'd suggest their next series be "understanding training routines of scientology" but apparently, by their PR campaigns it's obvious that they consider them to be ineffective or they would at least brag about it.

I've also never met a scientologist who bragged more about traditional recovery while downplaying scientology so much.

I guess someone did a doubt formula and compared the 2 groups statistics and chose the more least to promote on YouTube.