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Life Skills Course at Best Drug Rehabilitation
« on: October 17, 2013, 11:45 »
An interesting video posted on Youtube by Best Drug Rehabiliation talking about their "Life Skills Course"


"BJ" introduces himself as a "course supervisor", which is the exact same title used in the Church of Scientology and Narconon.

As the video progresses, we notice a few familiar items, also found on every table in the courseroom at the Church of Scientology and Narconon.

-A small bowl filled with little items to be used as a "demonstration kit" as a part of the Learning Improvement or Study Tech in Scientology.
-A dictionary which is required to be on every table in the courseroom in a Church of Scientology or Narconon.
-in the background we see small plastic tubs stacked on a file cabinet, almost identical to those filled with clay in the Church of Scientology and used in "clay demos"

Now, the books are almost intentionally blurred so as to prevent anyone from reading what the material actually is.  However, we can get a little more info if we keep going

-At video mark 1:06, what is that we see in the background on the shelf?  The familiar orange and purple Narconon books!

And yet on the tables themselves, their workbooks are not Narconon books.  What could they possibly be?

Well it appears that many of the books the "students" are reading are most probably the actual Scientology Life Improvement course books and their checksheets.

Now it's strange that their other videos are quick to mention "Christian therapy" and "Native american therapy", but for some reason, once again they are intentionally omitting the word Scientology which is evidently what 90% of Best Drug Rehabilitation is.

So far we have 95% of their videos are about therapies other than Scientology.  100% of their videos don't even mention Scientology.  And yet, Best Drug Rehabiliation is mandatory Scientology, with Scientology training 6-8 hours per day. Other therapies are "choices" and only done an hour or so each day.  The one or two videos that actually show Scientology training are purposely avoiding mentioning that they are, in fact, Scientology. 

And, where, or where are the videos showing "Training Routines"?