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Resolved Question:
My Daughter Jaclyn has graduated from a treatment program called Narconon VISTA BAY. She took on an internship with VISTA BAY but continually wants to quit the program. We want her to stay. How do we avoid enabling her to quit or relapse? She is in California and we are in Minnesota. She has no car and the first time away from home. Sober now 7 months. Where does she go from here? We would like her to stay with VISTA Bay for a few years. But she fights us. ...

It's interesting to read as the original author gives more information about her question, the "expert" (Dr. Mark, Psychotherapist) learns more and changes his advice.  What initially seemed like (and normally would have been) good advice changed when he realized that there may be a connection between Narconon and scientology.

My question (below) revolves around this statement of his, toward the end of the exchange:
I see from a simple Google search that there is a lot of discussion about Narconon and scientology. None of it is conclusive.

What he's referring to is that the mother, after being able to talk to her daughter more frankly than she could while the daughter was a client at Narconon, posted:
Dr. Mark. Here is an update on Jaclyn. She did decide to stay with Narconon. She works for them 6 days a week. 10 Hours a day. Pay is $8.50 an hour.She helps students (addicts) and encourages them to stay in the program, does reception work, and helps with security checking of bags and rooms. Recently she wanted to apply for a ethics officer or a driver of the students to and from the airport. She was not given these opportunities because they suggest to move up the organization she join Scientology and attend Sea ORG.
But my question to you is Narconon a front for getting individuals into the Scientology Religion. At times she feels like it is mind controlling. more brainwashing and a more militant approach than other organizations. Do you and Dr. Phil believe in the Narconon Program? Is it a front for getting individuals to live the life of Scientology. Jaci is confortable for now staying there but wants to figure out a different career for herself. She does like helping people but I think in 6 months wants to plan a different opportunity for her future.

My question for us is:
Have we changed the general public's perception of Narconon sufficiently in the last 2 years so that "experts" like Dr. Mark, upon hearing the name "Narconon", would not give the same answers now as he originally did?  He had obviously already formed an opinion about scientology, but didn't recognize that Narconon is essentially scientology, and thought the info he found on a search was "inconclusive".  Have we changed that at all?  Is there any way we could do better?

I also wonder where Jaclyn is today, wrt Narconon, and would love it if she found this thread and gave us her input.
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Re: Jaclyn at Vista Bay: From 2 years ago; have we made progress?
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There's always work to be done. Even then, it would be rare to see a professional write derogatory things about Narconon on a site like this. Especially when he's concerned about the issues between the daughter and mother, and the girl's mental health.

However, I like this doctor's response. I hope the mom took it.
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