Author Topic: Polar Vortex 2014, and how it makes people stupid.  (Read 2607 times)

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Polar Vortex 2014, and how it makes people stupid.
« on: February 11, 2014, 08:03 »
Anytime there's a chance of snow, people go nuts to get to the grocery store for two items: bread, and milk. I'm not sure why this is. If any hazardous weather is going to leave you in your home with no way of getting anywhere (or if you can trek the dangerous roads, it doesn't matter since most stores are going to be closed), I can name about several dozen other things you're going to need besides bread and milk, and that's including other types of foods and liquids.

Nonetheless, this ALWAYS happens to a fraction of folks when the forecast calls for snow, and it's really bad in the southeast:

I call this type of temporary pre-snow insanity "Bread & Milk Hysteria". Or "Bread & Milk Stupidity".

It doesn't always have to pertain to the panic to get bread and/or milk, just the panic before the first flake falls. And when there's panic, people do some really stupid things.

Here's a prime example of Bread & Milk Stupidity...

Last night, my wife and I went to the grocery store, which is easily walking distance from our house. We knew the store would be packed, but snow or not, we needed to get some groceries anyway (Yes, milk was on our list, and a lot of other things were too, none of which happened to be bread.) We treated this like any other grocery trip; coupons ready, discounts from the grocery store's app on my wife's phone transferred to our frequent customer account, me wearing pants. Pretty much the norm.

When we were looking for a parking spot, we thought we found one, until... we saw this lovely display of vehicular parking...

That's FOUR parking spaces this van is in... two of which were already occupied.

One of 4 things happened here:
1. The driver is an incredible douchebag.
2. The driver is a teenager learning to drive in a vehicle too big for him to handle.
3. I still think the driver is an incredible douchebag.
4. "Bread & Milk Hysteria". The driver was in such a rush to get his bread and milk, "Bread & Milk Stupidity" took over and, BAM, driver lost all sense of common courtesy AND sense just to hurry into the store before the snow that isn't supposed to fall until later TODAY hits.

Strangely enough, or not, considering we're in a pretty nice area, while the store was packed, I didn't see one case of panic or chaos. Sure, carts were bumped, but plenty of "Excuses me."s, "Pardon me."s, "Oh I'm so sorry!"s, and other civilized behavior continued throughout the trip.

Also we saved $25 on ~$70 worth of groceries. This included seven bottles of juice (gave up soda a while back after a kidney stone, and I drink Cranberry+other fruit juices along with lemonade now. And there was sale, so why not?!)

Anyone else experience any snow-related stupidity from folks? No, how Governor Deal DIDN'T deal last week's snow was handled doesn't count, I'm talking about regular folks.
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Re: Polar Vortex 2014, and how it makes people stupid.
« Reply #1 on: February 11, 2014, 18:24 »
Luckily I've avoided this craze. Went to the store pre-milk and bread hysteria. We're hunkered down for a few days. Cats are napping, listening to meditation music. Saw a few nicely sized flakes earlier - hoping the ice doesn't wreak havoc on the power lines.

I picture your van driver in full milk & bread hysteria before parking. This weather is only going to last a few days. Couldn't a person live without milk for a couple of days?

I guess snow is just such a novelty for us here in the South.

Good to have you back around 88.
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Re: Polar Vortex 2014, and how it makes people stupid.
« Reply #2 on: February 12, 2014, 00:25 »
You think that's bad?  I saw on the news where someone on Craig's List was selling a loaf of bread for $65!  That didn't include delivery, by the way.  And eggs for $5.00 each!  LOL!  It had to be a joke, but Craig's List seems to have yanked it.  There is a remnant of it, though:
Food-low supplies (Gwinnett)
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Please do not buy from the scumbag about the Arnold loaf of bread in suwanee? Please check your local farmers and Latino markets. Also the freezer section for frozen bread, I'm sure your neighbor has a loaf in their freezer. The stores are making extra bread as well. Use liquid eggs if need be.

That guy probably complained.  Booo!  Hey, maybe the seller was your van driver, 88!

It's a running joke every time there's any hint of frozen precipitation here.  Don't these people keep any food in their houses?  Where hurricanes are prominent, I hear the stores have runs on pop tarts and beer.  (really?  you can consume those things together?  I guess maybe the pop tarts are for breakfast and the beer's for lunch and dinner.)

I heard someone got shot yesterday in a grocery store over a jug of milk! 
J/K.   ;) 
I heard it, and someone did get shot in a grocery store, but probably not over milk.  (It was someone else's joke.)

Y'all take good care of the place here if I lose power.  Prediction is 1" to 2.4" of sheet ice where I'm at, then an inch or two of snow on top of that.  (I have milk, I have bread, I have eggs - hey, French toast.  I have pop tarts too, but no beer.  Plenty of coffee and Irish whiskey instead.  Oh, and whipped cream.  Firewood and a fireplace, too.  Gee, I hope I haven't told the cult too much.  LOL!)
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Re: Polar Vortex 2014, and how it makes people stupid.
« Reply #3 on: February 12, 2014, 10:29 »
For all their 'OT' powers, I doubt they will be out in this stuff! Unless they have a spaceship to fly over the ice!

'til later;
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