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Scientology's financial shenanigans
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Scientology accused of financial sleight of hand to avoid paying in human slavery lawsuit - The Underground Bunker
In April, we told you the story of how Scientology had found itself tangled up in one of the most remarkable human slavery lawsuits ever adjudicated in the United States.

In 2008, three Cuban men won an $80 million judgment against the Curaçao Drydock Company after they escaped years of what they said were harrowing conditions of 112-hour work weeks, pay of a few cents an hour, and the inability to leave. After they finally got away, they ended up in Florida, where they sued the drydock — whose major shareholder was Curaçao’s government. After winning the huge award, the attorneys for the men then set out trying to collect it, which hasn’t been easy.
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I'm sure there are many more examples of this sort of thing. The purchase of the Atlanta Idle Org and Matt Hines alleged theft by conversion, real estate shenanigans come to mind.,8424.0.html,313.0.html,153.0.html
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