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8/5/2015  TonyOrtega.Org

What really happens at a Scientology rehab? Nick Lister dishes on the Narconon experience

Narconon Exposed
‪#‎HIPAA‬ ‪#‎Violation‬ :: "In this first clip Nick talks about his time at ‪#‎Scientology‬’s biggest drug rehab facility, ‪#‎Narconon‬ ‪#‎Arrowhead‬, located two hours east of Oklahoma City. When it’s convenient, Scientology claims it has no relationship to or responsibility for the Narcnonon organization. At Scientology events, it’s another story — leader David ‪#‎Miscavige‬ openly talks about Narconon as a branch of the church that’s intended to expand Scientology’s influence.

As Tony has documented many times, Narconon doesn’t actually deliver drug counseling, but instead puts its patients through Scientology drills — the same drills you get in the church itself. The rehab program is a sequence of three steps 1) Scientology’s “purification rundown” 2) Scientology’s communications drills called “Training Routines” and 3) basic Scientology auditing processes called “Objective Processing.”

Clip 1-

Clip 2 -

"After Nick was declared for associating with evil ‪#‎SPs‬, the Church pressured his friends and most of his family to disconnect from him. The Church allowed Nick’s mom, Sara Goldberg, to stay connected to Nick only if he was making progress on an exact series of steps dictated by the Church to get back into the Church’s good graces."
I am a volunteer advocate for victims of the Narconon scam. I am a former scientologist. I post anonymously. Mary McConnell is my long time nom de plume. Feel free to contact me for assistance in righting the wrongs.