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I bet this went over like a lead balloon at Atlanta's Dogwood Festival. Deb Mackay admitted to a reporter that Scientology aims to garner attention through shock tactics.  @u@ooo

Scientology exhibit at Piedmont Park attacks psychiatry - 11alive

"Is there such a thing as ADHD? No," she said, adding that the message behind the exhibit "is of course right in line of the viewpoints of the Church of Scientology,"

Author: Doug Richards
Published: 5:06 PM EDT April 13, 2018
Updated: 5:54 PM EDT April 13, 2018

ATLANTA -- If you go to Piedmont Park this weekend, you might see the Dogwood Festival. You might also see a rather shocking exhibit separate from the Dogwood Festival that is intended to debunk psychiatry and it’s supported by the Church of Scientology.

You’d have to wander out of the Dogwood Festival and into Magnolia Hall to find an exhibit darkly described as ‘psychiatry – industry of death.”

The exhibit fills the room with mostly vintage photographs of a variety of horrors – from Nazi Germany to images of what used to be called lunatic asylums.

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"Asked what alternative she'd propose to psychiatry, MacKay says "I would imagine that the Church of Scientology would be quite happy to be considered as one of them."

Ummmm...No. Just no. Not even close.