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Donors list for the ideal org
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From October 2005
 ^^^ website no longer working.
 "The ideal org would be an activity where people came to achieve freedom and where they had confidence they would attain it." - LRH
 Copyright © 2005 Church of Scientology of Georgia
 Karen & Paul Lange
 Karen and I are proud to be a part of putting the Ideal Org in Atlanta. It is real to us that the time is now to put the infrastructure in place where Scientology can accomplish its aims in Atlanta, the Southeast and the world over. We all know the tech is miraculous, and this building creates an environment where it can be put to greater and greater use, and of which it is deeply deserving and a MUST! The building will be a launch pad, and a critical one, in the realization of Planetary Clearing. Having a stable, upstat facility is essential to impinging the way we are going to impinge. The responsibility is ours to get it done, so let's get it done! Hopefully LRH would be proud!
 Love, Paul & Karen Lange
 Larry Parker
 James & Mary Hochschwender
 Bob & Robbie Dernehl
 Narconon of GA
 Mari Taylor
 Jeff Multz
 George Johnson
 Nesbit Family
 Clark Family
 Joel & Debbie Benk
 Bea Weinstein
 Karen & David Morris
 Hugh Elliott
 Tom & Gina Johnson
 Demme Wiggins
 Janet & Ernie Lehmann
 Deb MacIntyre & Dan Austin
 Lee & Cindy Holsworth
 Norman Lowrey & Melodie Billiott
 Joe & Deja Sessions
 Mike & Coleen Carberry
 Fred & Linda Hall
 Dana Nuccitelli & Merrik Levetan
 James & Karen Owens
 Mark Padolsky
 Alan & Griselda Stein
 Larry & Linda Chorvas
 Jeff & Susan Catton
 Bill Lebaron
 Bill Lohmann
 Fred Love
 Marc D'Andrea
 Doug MacKay
 Diblasi Family
 Fritz Alders
 John Brinkley
 Robert & Pam Debease
 Allen Harris
 Headstream Family
 Paul & Diane Stein
 Linda & George Triscik
 Don & Maria Delgado
 Bob & Mary Lou Schmidt
 Bill & Karen Simpson
 Keith Legg
 Seidule and Associates
 Barbara Colaianni
 Lou & Sheila Ady
 Mike & Laura Mayers
 Cliff & Shawna McDowell
 Harvey & Jane Fish
 Kim & Steve Chastain
 Herb & Darlene Slamen
 Warren & Miri Sonnenberg
 Guy & Kim Beck
 Rob & Angie Refo
 Eric Green
 Jerry & Tracy D'Alesio
 Shawn Diblasi
 Ann Hurst
 Diana Dubin
 Denetra Kilpatrick
 Vianey Pineda
 Susan Selig
 Donna McDade
 Abby Bailey
 Gene Adams
 ATL Charter Comm
 Tony Baker
 Barbara Byess
 Michael Dellaria
 Martino Faggioni
 Matt Hines
 Bill Jones
 Jeanne & Dwight Matheny
 Cameron Moorehead & Carmen Rodriguez
 Manny Ruess
 Lascelle Sherrill
 Scott & Sherri Wisemer
 Todd Willis
 Adam McCall
 Chip & Kimberly Desormeaux
 Jose Fernandez
 Melissa & Shon Holyfield
 Emily Perera
 Abby Rojas
 Javier Rojas
 Also: click on these pix to enlarge. They are atlanta Scios on the Freewinds
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Re: Donors list for the ideal org
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These links aren't working, I think they're incomplete.  I guess where ever the links originally came from shortens the URL.  Can you try right clicking and doing a "copy link location" on them?

Also, I believe the original web site is still available through The Wayback Machine, at .
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Re: Donors list for the ideal org
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Can't get the links to work.  I got this in a pm from someone else and I tossed the pm.  They worked before lol  I'll try to hunt stuff down later if time allows.

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Re: Donors list for the ideal org
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I think before, the URLs were only shortened in the text, while the full URL was associated.  Just copying the text retained the ellipse shortening in the link D:

It's ok, though.  I'm sure the information is still out there somewhere!