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Re: Scientology Parking Study
« Reply #20 on: July 12, 2009, 13:34 »
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Re: Scientology Parking Study
« Reply #21 on: July 12, 2009, 16:18 »
Mr. Galloway needs to be more particular about the clients he represents, obviously.

Also, yes, what the heck is up with comparing Nashville to ATL? I have SEEN Nashville's Org with my own two eyes, and they do not have a traffic / parking issue there! The whole POINT is that the location of the ATL bldg on Roswell ALREADY HAS horrible traffic and parking problems. Using a bldg in an entirely different city to "prove" that the ATL bldg doesn't have the issues that have already been EXTENSIVELY documented (and been proven to exist) is dishonest and irrelevant! The Nashville Org is on a corner where two four-lane roads meet, and it has far more available parking spots by default (see the image included in the report) AND there are no condominium or apartment properties directly across from it, AND there is no awkward non-perpendicular intersection or strange arrangement of traffic lights, AND there is minimal foot traffic.

The whole thing is SPURIOUS and borderline dishonest, IMHO.


Look, residents OBSERVED the parking lot at full capacity when the CoS decided to throw a bash there without asking anyone first if it would inconvenience the neighbors (and it did). Residents have OBSERVED the CoS peddling tests and books in the parking lot. We won't even get into the CoS' habit of shipping members in from other states and cities for big events so the pictures taken imply to CoSers who couldn't attend that all those shipped-in CoSers are based out of that particular Org. They just did that for the opening of the Celeb Centre in Nashville: bussed people in from Boston, Denver, California, etc.--ex-Scientologists recognized old friends in the pictures, and noted that, oddly, those same faces had just been pictured, pretending to be locals, in pix taken at other Orgs in other geographical areas! It isn't a great logical leap to assume that the SS Org, once it has its next big shindig, will also import Scis from around the country to pad out their PR pix yet again. It's what they DO. And, again, where are THOSE people going to park?!

Claiming they can reduce the already inadequate parking spot total without causing any problems now or in the future? I have to be blunt and call "bullpewp" on that claim.

Galloway can go on and be unhappy all he wants. It doesn't change the issues at hand, here, as much as he'd like it to.

The Scis bought themselves a building they cannot use, and it is their own damn faults for assuming they could bully, sneak around local government regulations, sue or lie to get their way on this matter. The locals are not turning a blind eye to it this time. IT IS NOT THEIR FAULT that the Scis bought themselves an expensive dud of a building. IT IS NOT THEIR FAULT that the zoning, which is the same now as it was when the building was bought, so no surprises, does not meet with the Sci's approval. They knew what it was when they bought the building.

Also, either they want to be treated as a church, or they want to be treated as a business. They can't have perks a church gets and then demand perks a business would get. Pick one or the other, you are not allowed, in this case, to be weasely and have it both ways. SS is pre-warned about these shenanigans and is unamused. If they want to roll with that "we're a church" thing, great. They can't be allowed to set up businesses under the same roof. NO FRONT GROUPS ALLOWED. If they want to run their front groups out of their new property, then they have to follow business zoning guidelines and forget about trying to get special privileges NO OTHER CHURCH IN THE AREA GETS. And no sneaking front groups in after the fact, either. The neighborhood is on high alert, and the CoS will NOT be able to worm out of that.

I think my head might explode with pent-up frustration over all this. They are trying to stuff a size-10 foot into a size-5 shoe, because the size-5 shoe is prettier.
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