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This may have been mentioned before, but I did a quick search for "" and there were no results.

A prominent critic of Scientology has put together an informational pamphlet about Scientology and you can purchase a hard copy via OR download the PDF for free:

The booklet include information on various Scientology front groups, its human rights abuses, testimonies from former Scientologists and critics, statements from various judges, a brief overview of lawsuits brought against Scientology, why protesting human rights abuses is NOT "bigotry," why Scientology "scripture" not only endorses but requires its cult members to lie to outsiders, and more.

Highly recommended reading for people seeking some terse summaries of many of the issues critics of the cult protest.

If this booklet has already been recommended on this forum, I apologize for duplicating the information.
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Its good and a great counter to the garbage scie makes up about protesters.

I'm sure Ethercat can confirm when she started protesting a decade ago (said with love)  that she was accused of all the same things. 

You would think scie would at least think of something new to accuse protesters of.
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