Author Topic: Raw Meat in Sandy Springs Ga.  (Read 1877 times)

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Raw Meat in Sandy Springs Ga.
« on: February 03, 2010, 17:21 »
A concerned fellow citizen forwarded this to me.

"I found something pretty tasty that Sandy Springs might benefit from.

This is an internal Scilon "how to" video. At 6:10 Guillame LeServe (now inmate of the SP Hall at Gold) explains how the org's business plan is dependent upon a constant stream of raw meat to replace the members who need to go to Flag for advanced training.

The cult lawyer guy at SS mumbled some shit about this at one of the hearings, implying that, as people go up the bridge they eventually have to go to Florida so there would be no overcrowding in the Sandy Springs neighborhood.

Do you remember that? I am sure that this video, an internal vid from RTC, has got to be used on the Sandy springs side to refute their misleading assertion that OTs eventually wander off to Florida and never come back.


LOL...oh right...

well, hth!"

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Re: Raw Meat in Sandy Springs Ga.
« Reply #1 on: February 03, 2010, 20:50 »
If I remember correctly it was when they asked how Scientology worked and after taking forever to cut to the chase the mentioned the OTs going to Florida. It confused just about everyone so much because they never would explain just why people had to go to Florida for this 'special' training.

It was one of my more favorite moments. Haha.

Cool video though ST.  A nice detailing of Scientology's 'business' plans. lol