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Re: SS Local Churches
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I just got this:   from EC for the volunteer minsters part.  When i get more response back I 'll fix it for one more proof read

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Re: SS Local Churches
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First, an apology.  I realize now that I did the same bone-headed thing to Raven that many fellow students do to me in a cooperative document:  point out an error and not offer a suggestion of my own.  Since I pointed out it needed a closing paragraph, I should have proposed one. 

Here's my $0.02, but take an FNG's advice with a grain of salt.
Edits are in red and blue.  Comments/questions are [square brackets].

Dear   ,
I'm writing to you about a rezoning request that has been submitted by Scientology.  The property is located at 5395 Roswell Road and the information about the rezoning issue can be found under this number: RZ09-001/CV09-001.  Many Homeowners' Associations and citizens have written in protesting the rezoning due to the strains it will place on the local neighborhoods, as well as the decrease in property values that will occur from it's approval.   

Although the approval of this rezoning will impact your Church in the same ways as the local neighbors, a much more pressing matter will be laid at your feet if Scientology is allowed to move into Sandy Springs. 

Often Scientology claims to be compatible with other religions, and often tries to network with them on joint ventures.  However, in 1993 on a document to the IRS Scientology stated:  “Although there is no policy or Scriptural mandate expressly requiring Scientologists to renounce other religious beliefs or membership in other churches, as a practical matter Scientologists are expected to and do become fully devoted to Scientology to the exclusion of other faiths. As Scientologists, they are required to look only to Scientology Scriptures for the answers to the fundamental questions of their existence and to seek enlightenment only from Scientology.” 1   

Part of Scientology is very controversial in its attitudes towards Christians.  When approached about Jesus, Scientology responds one of  two ways. The first is to downplay his significance, which is what new Scientologists are taught.   Jesus is viewed as “one of many good teachers"2.  Ron Hubbard - the founder of Scientology - further downplayed Jesus' impact with the following:  Hubbard when he states in his[or the?] Volunteer Minister’s Handbook: "Man is basically good but he could not attain expression of this until now. Nobody but the individual could die for his own sins -- to arrange things otherwise was to keep man in chains." 3
The second approach towards Jesus is taken when a seasoned Scientology Scientologist asks questions and is told Jesus never existed. They believe everything Christians believe is made up and disregarded. In A Piece of Blue Sky, Jon Atack writes, "In confidential issues, Hubbard dismissed Christian teaching as an 'implant'.' ... In confidential materials Hubbard attacked Christianity as an 'implant',' [this is a direct quote, so if the original way is from the book, my edit is not valid] and said that Christ was a fiction."4 This belief continues on today in Scientology. Recently a reporter asked Church of Scientology spokeswoman Karin Pouw about this theology, she responded: "So what if we believe Jesus is a figment of the imagination?" Hubbard also targeted specific denominations with while denouncing Christ:  "The man on the cross. There was no Christ!  The Roman Catholic Church, through watching the dramatizations of people picked up some little fragments of R6." 6 If you have any further questions about Scientology and its relationship to Christianity please visit the following website: This site also has a recoding of Hubbard denying Jesus.   

Common Christian values are replaced with a belief system in aliens, reincarnation, and parts of Crawley's  satanism.  Although it's easy to avoid walking into the building labeled “Church” of Scientology,  it is not always easy to recognize their many front groups.  The following is a partial list of them :Narconon, Volunteer Ministers, WISE, CCHR, Drug Free Marshalls and many more.  For more information please visit the following sites:
[suggest a list separated by line breaks]

I urge you to please educate your staff and your congregation about this Scientology and its many front groups.  The next meeting on the matter of the rezoning of their proposed new location will take place August 18.  If you want to express your opinion on the rezoning matter Sandy Springs government can be reached at : 770-730-5600 and Mayor Eva Galambos can also be  reached at: .


Thank You





1 from Response to Final Series of IRS Questions Prior to Recognition of Exemption Under Section 501(c)(3) As a Church, October 1, 1993 

2  Shellenberger, Susie (2005). One Year Devotions for Teens. Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.. pp.189. ISBN 0842362029. 

3 Ankerberg, John; John Weldon (1996). Encyclopedia of New Age Beliefs. Harvest House Publishers. pp. Section: Beliefs Behind the “Seens” - A New Age Way of Seeing. 

[Remove two CR's]
4Atack, Jon (1990). A Piece of Blue Sky. New York: Carol Publishing Group. pp. 376, 383. ISBN 081840499X. 

5 a b c Ortega, Tony (December 23, 1999). "Double Crossed:The Church of Scientology has a reputation for ruthlessly going after its enemies. Robert Cipriano claims Scientologists rewarded him for helping them do just that. Now he's turned on them". Phoenix New Times. Retrieved on 2008-04-24. 
[Is this a new quote?  Can you list two sources under one footnote?]
Ortega, Tony (2008-05-16). "Scientology Reacts to the Voice". Runnin' Scared. The Village Voice. Retrieved on 2008-05-16. 

[Remove two CR's]

6Corydon, Bent; Brian Ambry (1992). L. Ron Hubbard: Messiah or Madman?. Barricade Books. p.353. ISBN 0942637577.

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Re: SS Local Churches
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Can you use the anti-VM info (in India) linked on here? It had some good information.
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Re: SS Local Churches
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yup i forgot about it. I also bneed to work in the human abuses illustrated in the recent SP times article.

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Re: SS Local Churches
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Crawley should be Crowley.

One VM-critical site is  (Yeesh, the web is full of VM spam sites by scientology, just like all the narconon spam sites.)
   Narconon Reviews
   Independent Reviews of the Narconon Drug Rehab Programs
   Answers to Frequently Asked But Seldom Answered Questions