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Arizona PAC against CCHR and scientology
« on: January 10, 2010, 16:57 »
CCHR (Citizens Committee for Human Rights, a scientology front group) wants to tell you that you cannot take psychiatric medication if you need it.  In fact, they want to ensure that you don't.  They do this by supporting and promoting legislation to outlaw certain types of prescription medication, and worse, by speading scare stories about the dangers of such medication, and about those who prescribe it, the psychiatrists.

Granted, there are occasions when psychiatric medication is over prescribed, or unnecessarily prescribed, but for those who do truly need it, it is a godsend.  To deny people medication that will help them is, plain and simple, an attempt to tell people how to live their lives, and to assure that they do.  Free people in a free society do not want that.

Unfortunately, people in free societies are overwhelmed with information, and lack the time to evaluate everything they read or hear.  Many do not realize that this negative (and often false) information comes with an agenda.  CCHR is very good at spreading this type of information to further their agenda, and very effective at convincing legislators to sponsor bills friendly to their agenda.  While those of us who are educated about scientology and their front groups are well aware of CCHR and scientology's anti-psychiatry stance, many people are not.  If they were aware of the agenda, they would not want it any more than a free man would want to be enslaved.  They need education.

This group is educating the people of Arizona about scientology and their agenda.  If every state had a group like this, CCHR would become insignificant.

Mental Health Matters Political Action Committee is dedicated to making sure that access to diagnosis, treatment and appropriate medication will be available to all In Arizona who need it.

Mental Health Matters PAC, does not seek to question the validity or pass judgement about the theology of the Church of Scientology except where it pertains to mental illness. We do seek to inform Arizona Constituents and prevent the ideology of the Church of Scientology from being forced on others through legislation.

Spend a little time looking around their site - if you don't know about scientology, CCHR, and their agenda, you will learn something.  If you do already know about scientology's agenda, you'll find a group of people on this site who are doing it right, and who it might be good to emulate.

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