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[Yahoo] The Way To More Questions (Pasadena Weekly)
« on: January 12, 2010, 05:00 »
The Way To More Questions (Pasadena Weekly)
11 January 2010, 9:06 pm

The Way To More Questions

 Scientology affiliate The Way To Happiness of Glendale teaches honesty in schools but, according to LAPD and others, utilizes dishonest promotions

By Carl Kozlowski 08/18/2005

If a high-ranking LAPD official can be believed, perhaps the Scientology-affiliated The Way To Happiness should take a page from its own teachings.

Two of the Glendale-based nonprofit organization’s 21 guides to achieving happiness are “Be Worthy of Trust” and “Seek to Live the Truth,” neither of which were followed apparently in the group’s dealings with the LAPD and a city
in Texas.

Officials with the group, which over the past two decades has distributed booklets of the same name to millions of school children across the country, all with the help of a variety of public officials and corporate sponsors, say they have worked with hundreds of organizations throughout Southern California and around the country in efforts to promote clean living as a virtue worthy of emulating.

But according to LAPD Cmdr. Mike Downing, the Church of Scientology forged his endorsement on The Way To Happiness Web site, prompting the LAPD to disavow any endorsement of Scientology and The Way To Happiness.

“We cannot endorse the Church of Scientology or any religion as the LAPD, and we very specifically said they could not use the LAPD name as it related to their book. They know they are clearly overstepping their bounds” in linking to the LAPD as an organization that works with The Way To Happiness Foundation (TWTH).

TWTH, Downing told the Pasadena Weekly, also apparently fraudulently posted on the Web a letter of commendation from the LAPD that was not signed by alleged writer Chief William Bratton, and also forged Downing’s approval by rubber-stamping his signature to the image on the site,

But that isn’t the only time TWTH, which has distributed booklets to more than 12 million American schoolchildren in 12,600 public schools since its inception in 1984, allegedly fabricated information to promote its product.

In the case of the LAPD, the booklets were distributed by the department, but only after TWTH representatives approached police officials repeatedly and only succeeded in disseminating through the Hollywood Division. Even then, when TWTH attempted to distribute the booklets with the LAPD’s name on them and depict a book-cover drawing of a policeman wearing an LAPD badge, they were ordered by police to remove the badge image and remove the department’s name from the back cover.

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Re: [Yahoo] The Way To More Questions (Pasadena Weekly)
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Q: What kind of church requires its employees to lie like a congressmember talking about lobbyist contacts?

A: No kind. We know they are not a real church. They know they are not a real church. And every day, thanks to the activities of so many people, more and more of the world knows they are not a real church. How many real churches were created primarily to prevent their founder going to prison for practicing medicine without a license?

I think you know the answer...

'til next time;
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