Author Topic: [Yahoo] Haitian girl arrives safely in Utah for adoption (The Salt Lake Tribune)  (Read 779 times)

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Haitian girl arrives safely in Utah for adoption (The Salt Lake Tribune)
23 January 2010, 1:14 pm

A cheer went up when 7-year-old Gabrielle Wardle came down the escalator at the Salt Lake City International Airport. At her side stood her new father, Jeremy Wardle, who brought the girl from earthquake-ravaged Haiti.

A tentative agreement with the Church of Scientology to fly the Ogden group to the United States fell through, said Lori Rosenlof of Lehi. She and husband Brent Rosenlof have adopted two of the children.

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Interesting in light of one of Lily von Marcab's articles from April 2009:
Opinion: Scientology Targets Haiti For Slave Labor

Lily von Marcab has been fairgamed and has voluntarily faded into the night for now.

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