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USA Today Southern Baptists v. Scientology.
« on: January 07, 2010, 21:06 »
This must be in-your-face month on the faith front. First, Brit Hume takes on Tiger Woods' soul. Now, folks at the top of the Southern Baptist Convention are riled up over a direct frontal recruitment campaign from Scientology in the SBC's hometown.

As Baptist Press tells the story, the Church of Scientology is running its "free personality test" today in The Tennessean. This is the paper for Nashville, headquarters city for the SBC, the nation's largest Protestant denomination and among the most conservative evangelical faiths.

The 200-question Scientology quiz, also available on the controversial religion's website, leads to a personal assessment and confidential meet-up with a Scientology expert.

Tal Davis, of the North American Mission Board, the outreach arm of the SBC, tells Baptist Press that the quiz...

... is sort of a 'bait and switch' method. They ask people to take the free test, then use it to tell them that Scientology can help them overcome the problems that the test supposedly revealed. It is a tool simply to get people to buy into the strange, unscientific and unchristian system designed by L. Ron Hubbard. I would recommend that Christians stay away from it."

The SBC lists Scientology as a cult. The Internal Revenue Service lists it as a religion. Scientology's web site points out that the first tenet of the faith is "You are an immortal spiritual being."

Tom Davis, a national spokesman for Scientology, says the church has no idea where else the ad, paid for in Nashville by the local Scientology branch, is running.

"Local churches run these ads in papers around the world all the time and have for years. It's standard practice in our 8,000 churches, missions and affiliated groups in 165 countries. We're a religion. We proselytize."

You can go to their site and make up your own mind if, as the quiz is titled, you are "curious about yourself." If you're curious about Jesus, the SBC would love to hear from you.

How is Scientology's conversion campaign different than fairs and festivals that Christians hold to spread word of their vision of faith? Or Brit Hume telling Tiger Woods that Christianity is his best choice?

Apparently the cult's new argument for why they are is a religion is the simple fact that they recruit people.  ::)

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Re: USA Today Southern Baptists v. Scientology.
« Reply #1 on: January 08, 2010, 02:34 »
If there were bets to be made, I'd bet on the Baptists, if they got riled up enough. :)
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Re: USA Today Southern Baptists v. Scientology.
« Reply #2 on: January 23, 2010, 08:42 »
Amen  ;)
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Re: USA Today Southern Baptists v. Scientology.
« Reply #3 on: January 23, 2010, 10:56 »
"...The Internal Revenue Service lists it as a religion...."

Darn it. When will this meme be laid to rest? The IRS does not list any organization as a religion; that would violate the Constitution. They are registered (falsely, imho) as a non-profit organization. This calumny against the IRS is promulgated by the cult as proof of their "we are too a real religion, just like the Branch Davidians!" claim.

But they know they are not a real religion; we know they are not a real religion; every day more and more people including many of their members, realize they are not a real religion. Someday soon even their leaders will be unable to maintain the fiction...

'til next time;
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