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Narconon Staff Member Reaches Out To Local School - TransWorldNews (press release) (in Michigan)
17 February 2010, 2:48 pm

Narconon Freedom Center executive takes part in ethnicity cook off at middle school near Albion, Michigan. Narconon Freedom Center, a residential, ...

This week staff from the rehab facility is taking part in a cook off of ethnic food held in for local middle-school students. Last year, the event brought over 100 samples of food from all different backgrounds for the kids to try and this year Narconon Freedom Center is hoping to make the event even better by having one of their staff members contribute.

Megan Brennan, Dissemination Supervisor of the center will be bringing Hawaiian food to the event as she is a native of the state. “This is a great opportunity for our staff to become involved with the elementary schools by simply introducing the students to different types of foods,” she says. “We are very lucky that we have been asked to participate in this fun event as a big part of this event is allowing these kids to be open to other cultures and ethnicities, but we also want to deliver a message that we are there working side-by-side with others from the community and are always willing to lend a helping hand.”

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For those of you with friends in Michigan.
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