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Criminon + phone service for prison inmates
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Titled "Exhibit 2 Advertisements of providers of inmate-phone services"

In this PDF is an advertisement for a prison phone service which is affiliated with Criminon.  This document was apparently a part of some action about prison phone service gouging.  A search for the word prison on the site pulls up 49 results.  I don't know which one of these items this document is related to.

Page 6 of the PDF reads:
Which inmate phone service also offers offenders an opportunity to really change?

Pages 7 and 8:
RC&A not only gives you the best inmate phone system but also helps with inmate morale and the recidivism problem.

(and more which I'm not going to type out; look at the PDF for it)

A great phone system improves things a lot, all on its own.  It helps keep the inmates in touch with the outside world without letting them use the phones to commit further crimes whole inside.

But we decided that wasn't enough.  So we teamed up with Criminon International, a non-profit organization which, for the last ten years, has provided effective and lasting rehabilitation to imates. 

We offer two Criminon courses/modules to inmates.
(Next are advertisements for The Way to Happiness Course and The Learning Improvement Course.)

Wouldn't you like to find out how RC&A and Criminon could help your inmates lead a better life, while they are under your care and after they have left you?

Call 1-800-688-0228 and we'll tell you how you can incorporate this valuable program into your facility at no extra cost to you.

I found this related information on Tilman Hauserr's site:

Robert Cefail and Associates (WISE 1997 list, Robert Cefail / Bob
Cefail) has been sued by mentally disabled former scientologist Raul Lopez. The lawsuit alleges that monies, which were to be invested into inmate telecommunications for correctional facilities, were instead donated to Scientology as part of a "reg cycle". The company had to settle a North Carolina lawsuit alleging overcharging. Robert Cefail & Associates has apparently been sold to Davel Communications Group Inc in April 1995.

Robert Cefail / Bob Cefail is also known from the "Future Films" scam, where people were told to call a 900-number for up to $12 a call to tell what kind of movies they'd like to be produced. Of course, no movie was ever made, but callers found Scientology literature in their mailbox. A new company with a similar name (The RC&A Group) and Robert Cefail / Bob Cefail as President exists.

The new company is based in Palm Harbor, FL.

This link from Tilman's page could be related to the Exhibit 2:

Ah, here's the legal action the Exhibit is a part of:

Excerpts from advertisements directed toward prison administrators illustrate how few competitive energies are currently focused on end users. One publication introduces the subject of inmate telephone systems in the context of increasing inmate populations and inadequate funding:

... new alternative revenue sources are being sought and this can be answered by inmate phone system commission plans.21

A glossy AT&T promotional brochure boasts:

Every year, the taxpayers' cost of housing prisoners skyrockets. To help alleviate that burden AT&T Inmate Calling Services offers commissions on every AT&T call made at contracted facilities. Over time, those commissions could be surprisingly substantial.

21 Robert E. Cefail, Everything You Need To Know About Inmate Phones, Robert Cefail & Associates, 1993, p. 10.

The same promotional package quotes David Gutierrez, Assistant Jail Administrator, Lubbock County, Texas as a satisfied customer:
in just eight months with AT&T service, our commission revenues have more than doubled. There is no mention in this promotional package of the rates charged to inmate families for these calls.22

The June 1993 issue of "American Jails" contains six full page advertisements for jail phone systems for companies including RC&A (Robert Cefail and Associates),  Ameritech, BELLSOUTH, USWEST and MCI. Copies of these ads can be found in Exhibit 2. Not one word in any of these ads refers to the rates charged inmate families for calls.

22 Promotional materials from RC & A Communications are even further removed from telecommunications concerns of end users. RC & A offers correctional officers free Criminon courses/modules for inmates including "The Way to Happiness
Course," based on The Way to Happiness, written by L. Ron Hubbard. See Exhibit 2 which contains a copy of this brochure.

The RC&A Group site can be accessed from without viewing a flash intro page that the link above takes you to.

I think this gives us a glimpse of the way Criminon (and all scientology front groups) operate to get money to feed back to the mother cult.

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