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Ex members are not ignoring this blog or the topic - OmniNerd (blog)
4 April 2010, 4:09 am

A comment by Mary McConnell in response to

I should be sleeping now but I saw that comment and I want to make sure you understand what is going on.

You have written an excellent article. It goes right to the hear of the issue. People need to wake up and see what this organization is doing and what it’s IRS tax exempt status has allowed them to get away with.

It’s been a very busy week for ex members because of the multitude of media coverage this week about the cult of Scientology. The CNN AC360 Anderson Cooper show 5 part show this week about violence at the top of the organization and scientology’s disconnection policy are 2 of the many issues that were grabbing the headlines, attention and comments. This blog got lost in the google news alert shuffle, thats all. If it had been published next week, it very well could be on the top of the list. It has nothing to do with being a nerd or not, lol.

I left Scientology over 15 years ago and 10 of those years were spent never saying a word about the 18 + years I spend as a scientologist. When I finally got up the courage to look on the internet, a taboo that lingered in my subconscience because of the fear of repercussions, I was shocked to see how much this cult had advanced in infiltrating society and government agencies.

When I was in, these things were planned in what I thought was an unrealistic way as there was no progress in sight that I could see. The ‘religious philosophy’ as it was called when I studied it, became a religion overnight despite the fact that everyone in knew it was not a religion. The IRS ‘secret’ agreement was made in spite of the Supreme Court ruling of Hernandez vs IRS Commissioner that had denied it was a religion and that it’s fixed and exchanged donations for services were not tax deductable. This monster stamp of approval has since been the loophole that has allowed scientology practices to run rampant at taxpayer expense to international proportions. It’s not that their numbers are high, as they have less people in now then they did when I was in. It’s that they have procured large sums of monies from indoctrinated members over the years and invested it in propaganda marketing of books, tapes and counseling and classes and thrown it into empty real estate holdings that have given an apparency or expansion, credibility and latitude with local and state officials. They also have one big money making front group that has captured the internet market using what I see as R.I.C.O tactics.

That front group is called Narconon. 90% of the internet rehab referral and hotline sites are owned by them or by scientologists and unsuspecting visitors are referred to Narconon ( a dangerous and expensive program) without knowing that a scientologist or Narconon owner is referring them! A falsified success rate is claimed. Then the victim is promised anything they ask for and once the money changes hands, the victim is stuck at a Narconon rehab doing scientology programs, even after being told it’s not scientology. This is one of a bunch of their front groups scams but their biggest moneymakers.

So if you are wondering why you have not heard from enough ex’s, it’s most likely that the more vocal ones are busy helping victims of the cult or it’s front groups get educated on the truth that has been withheld from them for so long, while trying to address all the media coverage that has helped so much in alerting people to what is going on. There are many forums that ex’s participate in and I will make sure your article is mentioned with a link. It’s just been a very busy week.
Thanks for the encouraging article.
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