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Another Narconon "Success" Story
« on: May 09, 2010, 16:11 »
Apparently, the state of Wisconsin has unusual medical negligence and malpractice laws.  It is one of 7 states that prohibits wrongful death claims by parents of adult children and by adult children of widowed, divorced, or single parents who die of medical negligence. 

A Citizen Action group is trying to get the law changed by introducing a Family Justice Bill (Assembly Bill 291), and the story of a man who completed the Narconon program was included as an exhibit in the paperwork for the public hearing on the proposed bill.

Found here:

Jason C. Weinhold
September 13, 1980 - February 5, 2005
1998 Wisconsin All State Football Team Award of Excellence as Defensive Back

The story is contained in pages 3 through 22 of the PDF above.  While Narconon is not directly responsible for this death, it shows that people should think twice about the "too good to be true" success rate that Narconon promotes.  Narconon failed this young man, as they have failed many others.

In the Summer 1999, Jason was shot in the leg in a drive-by shooting.  He went into a state of depression and began using pain pills, heroin, and sometime afterwards, entered a methadone program, but apparently did not stay in it.  He was convicted of theft-related crimes on several occasions.  In early March of 2004, he was arrested on a DWI charge and placed on electronic surveillance.

Jason found Narconon Arrowhead, in Oklahoma, and arrived at the facility on April 21, 2004.  He completed the program on June 11, 2004, and a letter of completion was sent to Bridget Boyle, who was apparently his probation lawyer (pages 7-9).
Jason committed suicide on February 5, 2005.  Jason's mother began an investigation of what might have led to her son's suicide in June of 2005.  She found that between September and October of 2004 (just 3 months after he left Narconon), he was prescribed 980 pills (page 11).  She filed a complaint against the Dr. Kenneth Kurt.  As part of the complaint, notes from Jason's patient chart were included (pages 12-20) and give a little bit more of the story as it relates to Narconon.

March 10, 2004: Appointment with Dr. Kurt's associate (Dr. G) was cancelled.

March 11, 2004: Returned to care and received pills.

March 17, 2004:Appointment cancelled.

April 17, 2004: Rescheduled an appointment for April 21, 2004

April 21, 2004: Failed to appear for appointment.  This was the day he arrived at Narconon.

June 11, 2004: Completes the Narconon Arrowhead program.

June 18, 2004: Just a week after completing the Narconon program, Jason returned to care with Dr. G, was diagnosed with bronchitis, and received prescriptions for an antibiotic (doxicycline), cough syrup (Phenergan with codeine), and anxiety meds (Ativan/lorazepam).

July 9, 2004: Endocet (oxycodone and acetaminophen) for impacted wisdom tooth pain.

July 16, 2004: Percocet (oxycodone) because he ran out of Endocet.

September 2, 2004: Began seeing Dr. Kurt.  Received Percocet, Zanaflex (muscle relaxant), Mobic (anti-inflammatory).

Over the course of the next 6 months, Dr. Kurt continued to prescribe pain medications: Norco (acetaminophen and hydrocodone - generic for Lortab, Lorcet, Vicoden, and others), Avinza (morphine), methadone, Roxicodone (oxycodone), Valium, OxyIR (oxycodone), OxyContin (timed-release oxycodone),

On December, 24, 2004, Jason returned to jail again for an alcohol related driving violation, but still received a "minimumal amount of meds" for his jail stay.  This "minimal amount" consisted of 100 methadone doses and 100 Endocet doses, and was described as a 25-33+ day supply.

January 18, 2005: Received a 16-33+ day supply of methadone, Percocet, and Valium.

On February 4, 2005, a Harassment Restraining order was taken out against Jason by a Melinda Rewolinski.

On February 5, 2005, Jason C. Weinhold committed suicide.

(Some of this information came from the State of Wisconsin Court's Online Search at:

I offer my late but heartfelt condolences to Jason's parents and loved ones, should they happen to find this thread with their son's name.

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Re: Another Narconon "Success" Story
« Reply #1 on: May 10, 2010, 21:11 »
I remember reading this before, although  I don't see where it was discussed on the net. What a shame.

It's also reported here below on pages 7-25. Again, the associate Dr. G is not named but the main doc, Dr Kenneth Kurt, DO is on both. Wonder who Dr G is and what happened to his license?
That letter from Bruce Haddrill "legal Liason" was to a lawyer. Wonder if he had authorisation to discuss Jason's medical records with her:
Boyle Bridget E atty
2051 West Wisconsin Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53233-2003

on April 1 2008. 

Dr Kenneth Kurt was denied a request to lift restrictions on his right to prescribe opiods ( related to licensing sactions due in part to Janson's case)
Now, Kurt got suspended for 90 days effective April 1, 2010 for again for inappropriate use of prescriptions and bad recordkeeping issues as before in Jasons case, resulting in suspension and limited licensing.
" In 1990, Respondent was disciplined by the Board on January 24,7gg},in file 84 Med 131, for inappropriate sexual contact with a patient; his license was suspended for one year but not otherwise." limited.

Condolences to Ms. Steinke and family. Thank you for speaking up.
I am a volunteer advocate for victims of the Narconon scam. I am a former scientologist. I post anonymously. Mary McConnell is my long time nom de plume. Feel free to contact me for assistance in righting the wrongs.

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Re: Another Narconon "Success" Story
« Reply #2 on: May 10, 2010, 21:39 »
Uh, oh...  Don't have time to check this out completely right now, but:
Kenneth Kurt
1532 S. Green Bay Road
Suite 200
Racine Wisconsin 53405
Phone: (262) 631-0474
Buprenorphine is a prescription medication specifically designed to ease withdrawal from highly addictive opiate drugs like heroin and the popular prescription pain medication OxyContin. Dr. Kenneth Kurt is a suboxone prescribing doctor located in Racine Wisconsin. Contact Dr. Kenneth Kurt at (262) 631-0474 for more information on drug detox from opiates using Suboxone.

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