Author Topic: Narconon International Revenue down in 2008  (Read 1340 times)

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Narconon International Revenue down in 2008
« on: June 03, 2010, 01:16 »
Ray Hill posted the following to ARS:

I also recently added the figures of Narconon International's 990 filing
of 2008. Here is the updated chart of revenue/expenses:

Highlights (percentages are relative to previous year):

     * Revenue from program services (mostly trademark licensing fees)
down more than 8%. This is the first time revenue from program services
shrunk since Narconon International spinned off Narconon of Oklahoma,
Inc., in 2000.
     * Total revenue down more than 7%.
     * Salary-related expenses down 14% – 39 employees for 2008 vs. 28
for 2007, or $29,100/employee/year in 2008 vs. $47,163/employee/year in
     * Grants of $150,000 went to Narconon Michigan, Inc., and $375,000
went to Narconon Stone Hawk, Inc.
     * Total expenses down 2%.
     * Net assets grew 5.5%.
     * Susan Birkenshaw, Angela Garcia, Robert Wiggins no longer listed
as directors/trustees/officers/key employees.

I wonder if the revenue from trademark licensing fees has anything to do with these new non-Narconon detox centers we keep turning up:,3257.0.html

If they're not using the Narconon trademark, they may only be paying licensing fees for the "tech."

Some bad news:
1b   Direct public support   2008: 613,749   2007: 582,003

But it looks like they may be having to run around more to get it:
39A   Travel   2008: 154,950   2007: 91,291

Interesting that accounting fees are up:
31A   Accounting fees   2008: 47,687   2007: 29,175

It must cost more to juggle those numbers these days.

And legal fees:
32A   Legal fees   2008: 135,607   2007: 111,779

Some other numbers of note:
Client delivery costs   2008: 4,234   2007: 2,302   
Insurance   2008: 22,368   2007: 20,360
Promotion   2008: 146,419   2007: 92,074
Staff training   2008: 14,131   2007: 105,587

There is plenty more interesting stuff there, if anyone else wants to dig in.    ||||9000||||

Disclaimer: This is, of course, assuming that the numbers they file with the IRS are actually truthful.
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