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[Dazed Digital] Knowledgy
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Text by John-Paul Pryor   |   Published 30 June 2010

Knowledgy is a hilarious send up of scientology starring Leo Fitzpatrick as an exchange student from Newfoundland who documents a couple's initiation into a thinly-veiled version of the popular sci-fi cult. The debut from Icelandic directing duo Kristín Bára Haraldsdóttir and Hrefna Hagalín premiered last week at Soho House in New York, and it seems a uniquely brave proposition considering the amount of converts to the cash-guzzling cult of the moment there are currently residing in the Hollywood Hills. We invited the girls to undergo a little Dazed Digital auditing to find out more, and present an exclusive trailer of a film that is likely to cause a tsunami of reaction.

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