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Hardeep's perfect serving of culinary comedy and adventure - East Anglian Daily Times
5 July 2010, 2:51 am

Food, football, scientology and growing up as the child of Indian immigrants in Glasgow – entertainments writer Wayne Savage talks to Hardeep Singh Kohli...

...He also wrote and presented the seminal three-part gambling series 50 says you’ll watch this and presented a ground-breaking documentary about scientology, The Beginners Guide To L.Ron Hubbard.

What does he make of the philosophy cum religion?

“There’s a church of scientology which is almost like a multi-national corporation, that has decided to interpret scientology in a way to suit its purposes.

“What’s so interesting about looking at scientology is the philosophy, whether you believe or find it risible or not, ultimately the function of religion is to improve the quality of people’s lives on this earth.

“I’ve met people in the free zone, the non-scientology part of scientology, who find Hubbard’s writings and his work incredibly helpful; I’ve seen how it’s improved the quality of their lives. Therefore it’s disingenuous and churlish to belittle that,” he stresses.....

The documentary mentioned:

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  • For me, it really is KCW (Keep Chanology Working)

I'll have to check out the video later.