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Des plaintes contre Narconon - Cyberpresse
9 July 2010, 9:27 am (google translated)

(THREE-RIVERS) The organization Narconon Trois-Rivieres is found again in the public square, since that complaints of bullying, sexual harassment shall be investigated by the Commission on Human Rights and the Commission on Labour Standards.

The person behind these complaints, Montrealer David Edgar Love, is a former patient and has been employed by Narconon once his treatment is over. Well known for his public appearances in recent months against the treatment center and against Narconon appears to maintain links with the Church of Scientology, David Edgar Love, however, had never wanted to give details on the subject of such complaints, relate to acts allegedly posed while he was employed between May 2009 and October 2009. He agreed to talk to Nouvelliste.

David Edgar Love joined Narconon in December 2008 for a drug problem. In May 2009, he completed his therapy and was hired by Narconon. One of his tasks was to follow up with patients who had undergone treatment at Narconon. "The organization boasted of achieving a success rate of over 70%, but I quickly realized that it was much less than that. When I raised this issue with my employers, it did not do their business, "says Dr. Love.

This rethinking of procedures and its general attitude did not seem to Case Management. David Love claims to have then suffered intense psychological pressure and being forced to attend at least eight times to "PTS interviews.The English acronym PTS stands for "potential source of problems" and, according to David Love and another activist against Scientology, Gerry Armstrong, is directly related to the teachings of Scientology. "It's what they believe is that there is no sickness, no accidents or illnesses, unless we are in contact with" law enforcement people, or people who do not believe teachings of Scientology and infect us from outside. To them, I therefore became a source of problem, "said David Love.

The "PTS interviews" which he says he was forced to attend at Narconon were therefore, according to him, to cut the outside world to prevent it from disclosing the information he had.  "They held me in a room and do not let me go. I was forced to cut ties with my family.  I was crying after I was even threatened. My life has been threatened. It was horrible, horrible! They even told me that if I said anything of the information I knew, I'd be chased and I would disappear, "says Mr. Love.

The Labour Standards Commission ruled that there were sufficient grounds to make an inquiry at this level. The process is currently underway.

Sexual harassment

Furthermore, the day after his hiring, David Love said he received a letter quite explicit part of a woman belonging to the organization's management, making sexual advances.

Uncomfortable with this communication, Mr. Love said he decided to drop a word to some colleagues on how to respond to this letter. It even supports have been encouraged by some of the employees to respond to advances, which he refused to do. He said the sexual harassment on the part of the director and has continued until a few days before leaving Narconon, in October 2009. The Commission on Human Rights has received the file. In both cases, the employer refused to go to mediation with David Love, and an investigation is currently underway. The result of the investigation could be bleaching or Narconon then translate the body before the Court of Human Rights.

Contacted by telephone, the Director of Narconon Trois-Rivieres, Marc Bernard, declined to comment about allegations of David Edgar Love preferring to leave the procedures of the Commission on Human Rights and the Norms of people working suivrent their course.

Five moves in eight months

The links between the teachings of Scientology and the therapies offered at Narconon has already been raised several reports and commentaries and discussions across the Internet, including sites of groups opposed to Scientology such as Anonymous .

In an interview with Nouvelliste few months ago, the director of Narconon Trois-Rivieres, Marc Bernard, did not hide that four or five employees in their thirties, Narconon staff members belonged to the Church of Scientology. The latter said they have nothing to hide about it, but also argued that home therapy was not used in place of propaganda in which the practice of Scientology is required or recommended. Instead, he maintained that all races and religions are accepted at Narconon, and that employees do not talk about Scientology patients.

For his part, David Edgar Love said he was surprised to read these words. He arrived at Narconon in December 2008 for therapy and claims to have been listening to a documentary film that spoke of the teachings of Scientology. "I was even accompanied by a person during the viewing direction, to be certain that I watch the movie in full," says the man.

In October 2009, ill at ease with the various events he says he lived, David Love tried to leave Narconon as an employee. "But you do not leave Scientology like that. You can not just go out there, especially when it holds as much information as I could have", said David Love.

He moved to Montreal, and said he had to change five times since October 2009 to address because he received threats from some people.

"On my Facebook page, at the sight of all, I was declared as an enemy. Which to them means they can hurt me, steal, spy without reprisals from the Church, "said David Love, who presented a copy of this message to Facebook and Labour Standards Commission on Human Rights.

These allegations are also being investigated by the Labour Standards and Human Rights. Again, Narconon did not want to make comments.

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[Google] «De très mauvais souvenirs» - Cyberpresse
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«De très mauvais souvenirs» - Cyberpresse
12 July 2010, 12:07 am
google translation

(Three Rivers) David Edgar Love participated Saturday in a demonstration organized by the Anonymous group in front of the local detoxification center Narconon Parent Boulevard in Trois-Rivieres and was visibly upset.

 "Very bad memories. I have very bad memories of what happened there and what happened to other people. There are very bad things that happen in this building. It must end, "he dropped a troubled tone, as he watched the building where he says he was victim of psychological harassment and sexual.

The event had also been organized by the group Anonymous to support the person who filed complaints to the Commission on Human Rights and Labour Standards Commission. Recall that the group Anonymous is composed of people who denounce the actions of the Church of Scientology, they also qualify for crimes and abuses. According to them, the techniques used at Narconon is based on the principles of this church and are abusive.

David Edgar Love joined Narconon in December 2008 to be treated for a drug problem. After completing his therapy, he was hired by the detoxification center to follow up with patients who had already undergone therapy. That's when he says he began to doubt that the success rate of therapy was not more than 70% as the organization boasted.

"When someone has a problem with drugs or alcohol on the Internet trying to get help and he fell to the website of Narconon, he sees the success rate of 70%. He has high expectations, "he said.

For their part, the few members of the group Anonymous who were present at the event held to honor the courage of Mr. Love.

"It's pretty rare for someone to declare itself publicly against Scientology. We must therefore support his approach, "said one demonstrator.

In addition to participating in the event, David Edgar Love wanted to use his visit to Trois-Rivières to retrieve books belonging to him and that he believed still inside the premises of Narconon. He even sent a letter to lawyers representing Narconon to warn their clients that they intended to retrieve. The former employee told trying to get its hands on these books on the stages of detoxification used by Narconon to compare their content to that of books explaining the principles of Scientology.

"I have received a letter from lawyers Narconon yesterday (Friday), in which they told me that my books had unfortunately been sent for recycling," he said before a smile.

It was not possible to speak with the Three Rivers director of rehab Marc Bernard, to have his comments on the allegations of his former employee.

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Re: [Google] Des plaintes contre Narconon - Cyberpresse
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«Tout ce qu'on veut, c'est aider le monde» - Nouvelliste
13 July 2010, 8:42 am

google translation

(THREE-RIVERS) "Our mission is to help addicts to regain control and become active members of society. We are not a center of religious propaganda or anything.  All we want is to help the world. The message that will launch the CEO of Narconon Trois-Rivieres, Marc Bernard, is clear: the events of recent days and even the last year have found that his business was in the public square will not change their objective, namely to provide a new opportunity for abusers.
For cons, the latest revelations heard about Narconon, claims Marc Bernard, are untrue and certainly do not reflect the reality within the walls of rehab.

It will be recalled that David Edgar Love, former recipient, and former employee of Narconon, has complained to the Commission on Human Rights and the Standards of work on episodes of bullying, sexual harassment when he said he lived it was employed by Narconon. However, written documents to support Marc Bernard said there was never any sexual harassment, but rather a liaison between Mr. Love and a woman belonging to the direction of Narconon.

"We have a little hands tied because there is an ongoing judicial process. Mais je n'accepte pas qu'il véhicule de tels mensonges. But I do not accept it conveys such lies. It has not been sexually harassed by this woman he had an affair with her.  We have provided evidence to the court which will have to decide, "says Bernard.
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