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A W.I.S.E Company using the "tech"
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An inspirational story                                                                                                                  April 18, 11:02

 Previously I talked about what our needs, wants, desires and expectations are. I have an interesting story to relate to you about a lady I know that helps to clarify the differences between emotional levels. I received a call yesterday from this lady who had just been let go from her job. She was one of the best performing workers at her job but recently contracted an illness which lowered her immunity to infections. She had lost several days from work last month and the management at her job told her that since she was such a good employee, that if she needed to work from home for a while they would support her in her recovery. She felt very good that she had that support. Due to her illness, within a month she contracted another flu-type infection and still went to work but had a difficult time focusing. The management told her that they needed her at work and she came in even though she was still sick. Her need to keep her job to support herself was real and she came to work. Other workers weren’t as dedicated to her job as she was.

Last week she missed 3 days of work because she couldn’t even talk. Since she was a customer service rep on the phone all day, it didn’t make any sense for her to even try to work on the phone. Her doctor faxed an excuse to her job. When she showed up Friday for work she worked the full day and when the day was over they called her into the manager’s office and let her go. Since the State of Delaware is an employer-at-will state, employers can fire anyone for any reason. They told her that her work performance was down (her minimum expected phone call goals were 160 calls per day and she was reaching 300 calls per day; more than any other CSR) and that she had missed too many days from work. The manager even told her that "at any time you feel that your health is back on track, you're welcome to come back." Her reaction to this news was one of inspiration. Instead of a “woe is me” attitude, she gave thanks to God for the blessing of not having to be associated with a company that fires someone for being sick. All along she wanted a better job, but her need to keep a job took precedent. Her desires to be better than she was kept growing within her. She began to expect the best in her life and God allowed her to be able to receive the best by leaving a job that was not conducive to her growth. Left alone, she might not have left the job, but she chose to look at her firing as a blessing.

What I will say next might ruffle some feathers, but I really don’t care. I am a child of the sixties and I have always chosen to question authority and religions that impose man’s, not God’s, dictates on individuals under the guise as the “word of God”, or some other authority. I have always respected other religions other than my own, but I must draw the line here. The optometrist that my friend worked for was proud to display that they operated their business under the principles of Scientology and the business practices of L. Ron Hubbard. In fact, she was persuaded to attend an “optional” seminar of these principles “off of the clock” from work. The seminar wasn’t mandatory, but “highly suggested.” She also told me about the ongoing tension in the office that was created by what she called “Scientology henchman” who monitored the employees and their work. Calls came in daily from Scientology headquarters to monitor their progress.

Years ago I read Hubbard’s book, “Dianetics”, and was taken aback by his pseudo-science and hypnosis of his followers. I was courted by Scientology at the Celebrity Center in Los Angeles, CA. in the late 70’s when they wanted to put a galvanic skin response meter on me to determine whether I was “clear” or not. This meter was supposed to show the “knots” in my nervous system. When I asked the “clear” initiator to show me his results on the e-meter, he declined; even though he had a large certificate over his head that stated he was “clear.” That told me all I needed to know. So I began some intensive research on Mr. Hubbard.

I discovered that when the State of New Jersey and the American Medical Association was challenging the veracity of his new founded faith (Scientology) he fled the state to avoid prosecution. His son, L. Ron Hubbard, Jr., remembers him moving them out of their home grabbing shoe boxes full of cash. Cash he had received from loyal followers of his “Scientology.” After being a science fiction writer for many years, he discovered that religion was his way to cash in. Please research what I am saying and see the facts for yourself. Here are some links; L. Ron Hubbard, Sr. and an interview of L. Ron Hubbard, Jr. Any belief system or religion that claims to be the only way to enlightenment is setting you up for a fall; or at the very least, separate you from your hard earned cash. Please check out this You Tube link. The poor guy is so afraid of Scientology retribution, he wears a mask. Religion needs to teach FAITH, and not FEAR! If any Scientology official has a problem with what I am saying, I invite you to an open debate on video of your principles, conclusions and the ethics of your founder and the statements he has made. Let’s let the people decide whether your organization is on the up and up.

Back to the lady that was let go. She is very happy to not be in that environment anymore. Her expectations for a better life have led her down a path to receiving that better life. In fact, she already has had several offers to work independently and in line with her talents and abilities. Sometimes life can appear to be handing you a lemon, but as the saying goes, just turn it into lemonade!

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