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Narconon Oklahoma - Experience from 2003
« on: September 07, 2010, 21:14 »
Even through all the experience that should have taught Narconon that they need to change the way they do things, they haven't learned.  This experience is from 2003, posted in 2005.
You are right on!! Narcanon is a cult. I know a heroin addict who went there (forced due to my daughter leaving him and he had no money, but a wealthy aunt who was a Scientologist) and they tried giving him vinegar to cleanse him and they did the sauna thing, too. He got so bad they had to call 9-11 and rushed him to the hospital. He made it clear he did not want to go back to Narcanon, but they talked to his aunt and they were all pressuring him (he was of age - he was 26). He continued to say he would not go back and he detoxed 3 days at the hospital and then he had to leave, but Narcanon was refusing to bring him his bag of clothes. I even phoned there on his behalf, but they would not release the clothes. He wound up calling the police to get an escort to go and get his clothes. It was awful for the guy. You are so right that is just kids trying to detox the addict and all the while, they are forcing their believes on the addict. In fact, some of the kids had only been clean a very short time and they were working as counselors - c'mon!! Keep your addicts away from this place for sure!!

And another account by the same lady posted in 2007.
I know someone who went to a Narcanon facility in Oklahoma in December of 2003 - he was a heroin addict. You are right in the fact that they detox naturally and that is a good thing to some extent; however, the method they used with this individual was not good and the ambulance had to be called by his third day and they rushed him to the hospital and he wound up there for 5 days. Of course, he decided he did not want to go back to Narcanon and the people from Narcanon refused to give him his backpack and clothes and the police had to get involved. He finally did get the clothes, but his experience was bad. He said they gave him some type of vinegar drink to detox and had him in some tub for too long so all those things combined caused him to have some breathing problems - but keep in mind, heroin does affect the lining of an addicts lungs so I am sure that contributed to everything.

However, he said many of the workers at this facility were people who had only been clean for a short time themselves. In fact, they told him once he gets detoxed, he could work for Narcanon and he said they had him in meetings right away where Hubbard's books were handed out and Scientology shared. I was this person's emergency contact so I did have contact with Narcanon and they were always very professional and nice to me. It was a shaky experience for him. His family had money and they put this young man into many rehabs and the last I heard just a few months ago, he was in yet another half-way house.

This MO seems pretty consistent between the Narconons, even today. 

Once detoxed, you work for Narconon.
Police having to get involved to get possessions back.
Hubbard and Scientology - they can't be separated.
Risky and potentially dangerous to the person's health.
Didn't work.

Along with other assorted horror stories that make the Narconon experience what it is.
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