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Scientology verses the Drug Companies - RantRave | Published Opinion.
11 January 2011, 10:36 am

In 1955 Dr. Jonas Salk developed the first successful polio vaccine. He decided not to patent his invention knowing that by not doing so, he would receive no profits from it. Polio has now been eradicated from most countries of the world.

If only we could all show the selflessness of Dr. Salk.

It is certainly not reflected in the actions of the people who run modern drug companies. They, like other large corporations, are interested in profits for their stockholders. Too often they have turned up on the short side of moral issues.

They are perceived as not having disclosed side effects of drugs, having aggressively marketed useless or near useless drugs, having promoted drugs to those who don't need them, having spent unconscionable amounts of money courting doctors for marketing, and cherry picking the studies which make their drugs look good while concealing the rest.

When this is factored in with the cost of medicines and the necessity for using them it is easy to see why they are trusted no more than oil and tobacco companies.

What I am saying is not at all radical but a reflection of news items from recent years.

There are radical drug company haters. Some of them believe that the drug companies have a cure for all cancers and are withholding it from us. The drug company motive is said to be that treating people is far more profitable than curing people. I ask these people, where are the wikileaks on the cancer cure? Where are the whistle blowers? Where are the intercepted phone calls, memos and emails? Why did Sheila Basrur, Ontario's Chief Medical Officer, die of cancer at age 51? Did she take one for the team? Why do the mothers of pharmaceutical executives die of cancer? I put these critics on par with those who say there is a pill that added to water will turn it into gasoline and those who say the Jews planned 9/11.

Still, I will further appeal to their sense of logic. After this cure for cancer is found, another disease will take cancers place as a primary instrument of human death. This has happened for tuberculosis, polio, diabetes, smallpox, the plague, typhus and diarrhea. Treatments are usually expensive in the final years of life. The drug companies will continue to turn a profit.

Moderating this problem are the American Surgeon-General, his counterparts in the various countries of the world, various government medical organizations, various organizations of doctor's, nurses and pharmacists, legislators who look for honesty in advertising, the press, concerned internet sites like quackwatch and James Randi and all thinking people. There is also a tiny organization called the Citizens Commission on Human Rights or the CCHR. The Church of Scientology established it in 1969. The title seems disingenuous in many ways.

Citizens—Almost all of the members are Scientologists
Commission—This is not "a special group delegated to consider some matter" as is a good definition of Commission. The matter has been considered. They exist to carry out the plans of Scientology founder L.Ron Hubbard.
Human Rights—They are primarily concerned with criticizing health fields while presenting Scientology therapies as the reasonable alternative.

Not surprisingly there is never a critical word from CCHR about the actions of Scientology. Nor is there ever a word about the Marcabs from outer space that according to Scientology are responsible for much of the misery on Planet Earth. If they brought the Marcabs into it even fewer people would pay attention to the CCHR.

The CCHR attacks on the drug companies are in the spirit of political attack ads. They point out real or imagined faults of the drug companies, hoping that the public will turn to Scientology's solutions after suspicion of the opponent is created. I believe that many of things the drug companies do are self-serving rather than in the service of humanity. But I also believe that Scientology does not work in the service of humanity and is a complicated scheme, calculated to gain power and money.

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