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Here is a suggestion from "Watching Eyes," who posts on Marty Rathbun's blog, about how to get a refund from Scientology itself.  Some of this may be useful to people seeking a refund from front groups such as Narconon as well.

Trying to get a Refund / Repayment?
For the IAS here’s one to use in CA.
Plug in their EIN number, just above the “search” button to get the exact name they go by. It’s very hard to find the name otherwise.
EIN number: 521840679
This complaint has to be printed out & mailed via the US Mail. Do it.
Note: If you were regged in Florida for IAS monies, I’d suggest you write to the two agencies below and skip Calif. Make sure you let them know that IAS doesn’t appear to be registered in FL despite raking in millions from their offices within the state.

For Flag or the Ship there are two agencies you can write to. Both are in Florida.
1. This one is under the State Attorney Gen’s office, Dept of Consumer Services, Bureau of MEDIATION & ENFORCEMENT.
Under Consumer Complaint Form click on “online form”. With this one you can submit it online and attach any docs.
Note: when you fill in this form, under each question, every time you add in another line of info it shrinks the print. By the time you’re done anyone reading it will need a magnifying glass. The best thing is to do is write on the form referring them to your attached complaint.
Also, the form asks when you paid. If it’s a real old date, the form might not take it. Put today’s date and explain in your attachment.

2. The other one is the Pinellas County Consumer Affairs agency.
This is a good agency and is in the same county as Flag and the ship office.

Don’t worry about invoices that you may no longer have. The cult has the records and will send you copies as your cycle moves along. If you find unauthorized debits, you’ll request that money be given back to you.

Know this, you will get your repayment although sometimes they’re slow. Give them 3 – 4 weeks to write back with the routing form to get your money. If you don’t hear in that time frame, file a complaint with the agencies above. The cult HATES being on the radar of a gov agency. The key thing here is to get these requests into a gov file which is why you need to file with one of the above two agencies.

Here is Narconon International's listing on the California Department of Justice Office of the Attorney General's site:

FEIN: 952769582
Type: Public Benefit
Corporate or Organization Number:    0598820
RCT Registration No: 013666
Record Type: Charity
Registration Type: Charity Registration
Issue Date: 12/31/2005
Renewal Due Date:    5/15/2010
Registration Status:    Current
Date This Status:    5/16/2007
Date of Last Renewal:    4/16/2010
Address Information
        Address Line 1: 4652 HOLLYWOOD BLVD
        Address Line 2:    
        Address Line 3:    
        Address Line 4: LOS ANGELES CA 90027

Here is the Services page of the Attorney General's site:


The Attorney General regulates charities and the professional fundraisers who solicit on their behalf. The purpose of this oversight is to protect charitable assets for their intended use and ensure that the charitable donations contributed by Californians are not misapplied and squandered through fraud or other means. More information.
There is a complaint form linked from that page:

This question:
Have charitable funds or other assets been lost, wasted or diverted from proper charitable purposes? Or, is there a danger that such loss will soon occur? Please explain, giving your best estimate of the amount lost or at risk, if you know:
could be answered by taking into account all the lawsuit payouts and settlements made by the various Narconons, which otherwise could have gone to charitable purposes.

I'll add to this thread as I gather more information about the subject, and everyone else is encouraged to do the same.

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