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Epic Tom Cruise 'Retrospective' Strangely Missing Scientology Video - Movieline
22 March 2011, 10:20 am

As his Web persona expands more than ever on both Twitter and his own site, I’ve never understood why Tom Cruise wouldn’t just back off and let his 30-year body of work speak for itself sometimes. Like, another contest ( Really? The guy made Risky Business, Born on the Fourth of July and Eyes Wide Shut among so many other titles — own it, right? Finally, Cruise is. And the self-love is awesome.

However, you’ll notice two glaring omissions in the epic sizzle reel right off the bat ( 1. It’s not embeddable (not very viral, TC!), and 2. It features no sign of Cruise’s extraordinary performance in that Scientology recruitment video from a few years back. One might understand the megastar’s reluctance to feature his Oprah couch-jumping episode, but as truly historic and influential career milestones go, you’ve got to take the bad with the good. I mean, he included Cocktail, right?

Anyway, here you go; feel free to return here every now and then and intercut key passages where you see fit. We shall be nothing if not comprehensive.

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