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State Gathering Public Comment on Shock-Therapy, Advocates Continue to Speak Out

The State of Massachusetts held two public hearings this week on aversive therapy, which is used at Canton's Judge Rotenberg Center. Be sure to read Part Two of this two-part story on Monday.
By Lisa Gentes | July 22, 2011

Part One in a two-part series. Read Part Two on Monday to hear differing views on aversive therapies and get the perspective of the JRC, Senator Brian A. Joyce and others.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts held a public hearing on Wednesday and is set to hold the second hearing today to hear what the public has to say about aversive therapy. The state Department of Health and Human Services held Wednesday's hearing in Worcester and Friday's hearing is being held in Boston to gain feedback from supporters and opponents. (Click here for detailed information on today's hearing.)

The controversial therapy has continued to grab headlines over the years. Canton's Judge Rotenberg Center is one of the only centers in the country that uses aversive therapy as treatment. After the founder of the Judge Rotenberg Center in Canton stepped down in May, the JRC has been the focus of several stories, including a three-part series here on Canton Patch.

Patch has covered a boycott of radio advertisements for the JRC organized by New York-based advocate George Deabold, interviewed parents who support the center for their child’s treatment, interviewed the JRC Attorney Michael Flemmia and shared comments from Senator Brian A. Joyce, a long-time opponent of aversive therapies. The stories on Canton Patch have created comments, debate and discussion online. Many readers voiced their opposition to the JRC and supported the radio boycott.

Although the state senate passed Senator Joyce’s sponsored amendment banning aversive therapy on May 26, the House did not take action on the amendment.....

.....Kevin Hall, the New England Director of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, read a letter opposing the use of aversive treatments that the Judge Rotenberg Center uses.....

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