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Benjamin Ring, LA Sheriff's Deputy, Under Official Inquiry for Endorsing ... - Village Voice (blog)
1 August 2011, 3:38 pm
I just got off the phone with Steve Whitmore, Los Angeles Sheriff Lee Baca's spokesman, who tells me that an official inquiry has been opened in the matter of an LA sheriff's deputy named Benjamin Ring. The deputy appeared in a Scientology mailer that encourages church members to spend money on expensive services rather than invest in real estate or put it away in a 401K.

Images of the mailer first showed up about a week ago on the Internet, but the message on it, accompanied by an image of Deputy Ring in his full police gear, was so outlandish, we suspected a hoax. Only after we'd received a physical copy of the mailer and verified with the Church of Scientology Los Angeles that it had put out the document did we contact the LA Sheriff's Department for comment.

"Your concerns about the text are our concern. We're going to get to the bottom of it," Whitmore told me this afternoon as he let me know that an official inquiry -- which may lead to an internal affairs investigation -- was already underway.

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But this is what they do!! I know!!

So glad Jason Beghe was interviewed for this. No one explains the shenanagans better than he does.
Can't wait for the followups on this, as Tony Ortega mentioned in one of the comment he replied to.
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Yes, I remember similar stories from the intense regging for the Atlanta Ideal Org.  Here are some examples from the Wayback Machine:

On Tuesday evening, we went to the Atlanta Org and donated $63,100 to the Ideal Org of the South Building Expansion Project bringing us to a grand total of $250,000 donated and putting us at the level of Silver Humanitarian status!!! We can’t begin to express how happy we are to do this!! We don’t have money lying around, we don’t have inheritances or valuable properties or any extravagant benefactors. We simply wanted to help and found a way to do it. Others helped us by making personal loans to us (thank-you!) and guiding us over hurdles and through mazes in applying for traditional loans through financial institutions (thanks again!) and somehow we made it go right to be able to do this for our area!! In fact, it is rather exciting and invigorating to play such a big game!!

From the start of the building fund-raising project I have continued to make flows, some small and some not so small. I was firmly convinced that it was a vital project and needed to be supported. I watched other people stick their necks out and put it all on the line but I never got out of my comfort zone. I had some retirement investments that I could cash in but they were all “off limits”. I had several justifications for this. One, I was retired and didn’t have the income opportunity to rebuild this source of security or even make payments. Two, this was my children’s inheritance. Third, my contribution by itself was not going to make the difference between success and failure of the project. Why should I be one of the one’s to go all out? I had done and was continuing to do enough. At a meeting last Monday night, it was pointed out that if everyone who had donated would double their contribution, the building would be paid for. I thought about this and realized that I could in fact do that and more. I started re-evaluating my considerations. Why did I need to rebuild that security? I didn’t! What better inheritance could I leave than a saner environment? None! Finally, I knew that if it came down to a point where I was the difference between getting and not getting the building, there was no question. I would do whatever it took.

As with most people that I had spoken to when the Ideal Org Project was first announced, I was skeptical that Atlanta could pull it off.  The field was too small and too inactive to do what was needed and wanted to pay for a huge building.
I was stuck in financial and mental turmoil myself; too many bills and not enough cash flow to make it possible to flow a meaningful amount on life-force (ie. MONEY) to this project ----  Boy was I WRONG AGAIN! I came to a point that I knew something had to give and that would have to be me.

When I looked at it, it really came down to ethics. We needed this building to boom the Buffalo Org, so we had to do it. The bottom line is that it was the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics. I made the postulate a long time ago to handle Buffalo. I never thought that would mean donating a million dollars, but we had to do it. Who else was going to do it?

Betsy and I liquidated all the reserves we had in order to do it and I will tell you what - when we do the math on it, the org needed $1.3 million to renovate and there are close to 2 million people in Buffalo. That comes to about 50 cents a head. So, I look at it as the best investment that I have ever made in my whole life.

(I don't know why someone from Buffalo was included with Atlanta, but, anyway, there you go.)
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(I don't know why someone from Buffalo was included with Atlanta, but, anyway, there you go.)

The why seems obvious to me; there simply are not enough large contributors in Atlanta to make the list look impressive. This is just like the shooping of the LRH day event in LA to make it look like there were many people there, rather than a few, and standard behavior for the lying cult of greed and power!

'til later;
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