Author Topic: Russell Brand Performs Wedding Ceremony for Will Fry and Scarlett Hanna  (Read 1002 times)

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Russell Brand Performs Wedding Ceremony For Outspoken Former Scientologists - Village Voice (Blog)
By Tony Ortega Wed., Aug. 24 2011 at 11:46 AM

Wow, this is cool.

Earlier this month, Russell Brand was approached during his standup routine at a Santa Barbara casino by a couple that asked him to marry them. Brand, it turns out, has one of these Internet ordinations that allows him to perform a wedding ceremony. And as you'll see as you watch the video below, he does just that, with quite a bit of Brandian wackiness.

The scene made international news, but here's the detail that was only picked up later by the eagle-eyed members of Anonymous: the "Will and Scarlett" that Brand married were in fact a couple of former Scientologists who had grown up in the church and after defecting have spoken up to denounce it...


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 ;D I am so happy these two met and got married. What a funny and oftentimes direct ceremony, lol

That's a marriage ceremony they will never forget!
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