Author Topic: Yikes! Petitioners against renovation of C0$ building in Sydney threatened  (Read 1450 times)

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In Sydney, Australia, the neighbors of the scientology org building were opposed to a proposed renovation that would raise the building from 5 floors to 7 floors, and started a petition against it.  Those who signed the petition were mailed a threatening (and crazy sounding) unsigned letter which said:

We don't like opposition
Opposition takes you out of the Light
Without Light you are nothing
We crush opposition and opponents
We know who you are
Do you know who you are?
You have been warned!

Back in the early 2000s, local scientologists posted flyers on telephone poles in my neighborhood that had a picture of me on it and said, "Your neighbor is a religious bigot."  They hadn't signed it, so I did it for them.  I made stickers that said "For more information, contact the Church of Scientology" and included their phone number, put them on the flyers, and just left them up.  After that, there were no more flyers.  When you stand up to the bullies, they slink away.

Also, police reports about such things are good to document and establish a pattern of behavior.  Good people needn't fear such harassment.
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Bullies like the cult seem to slink away when:

- Their actions get reported to the police (not just having the police called, but the actual paper police report being filed)

- The media is around (or cameras are around, period)

- The mroe dubious actions are exposed as being Scientology actions (remember this cult is all about having good PR for itself and manufacturing bad PR for its 'enemies.' By throwing bad PR right back at them, they lose at their own game)
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and they claim fair game doesn't exist anymore