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Marty Rathbun, Ex-Scientology Exec, Back from Germany: "The US Media Has No Balls" - Village Voice (blog)
13 September 2011, 5:52 pm

The siege in South Texas is apparently finally over. Marty Rathbun has returned from his trip to Germany, and he tells me that only one member of the Squirrel Busters goon squad that was previously planted outside his house -- a former cop, and not a Scientologist -- has been seen hanging around.

"Everyone else is gone," Rathbun said this afternoon. "Some clumsy private eye cased us out at dinner yesterday. I don't know if that's the new strategy."

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Marty has been arrested related to an incident in which he allegedly removed someone's sunglasses.

I learned the following:

a)  The arrest was for an alleged assault with bodily injury that occurred on 1 September.

b) The complainant one Jim Moore from Austin Texas had on three earlier occasions visited my home and terrorized my wife – while refusing to identify himself, and fleeing before police could arrive – while I was on trips out of town.  Moore was brought in and out of the “busts” on me in my neighborhood, his role was to continue to leer at my wife with his creepy smirk despite my repeated requests he not do so, especially given his history of stalking her while she was alone here.  On the day he alleged that I did bodily injury to him, I had asked him yet again to stop leering at my wife on the apron of our driveway, when he ignored me and continued, I removed his sunglasses to look him in the eye and ask “did you get that?”  Only then he say “yes” and stop leering. I never touched his body.  Moore continued to hang with his pack of RCS thugs and harass us in front of our own home.

I have to admit that I'm not too surprised by this. There are a few instances on video where I thought he was going to get himself in trouble by losing his cool. That being said, I doubt the alleged victim truly had any bodily injury.
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I guess what goes around comes around.

When I've dealt with handlers before, it never would have dawned on me to remove someone else's sunglasses, or touch them or their attire in any way.   (/^I^\)
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If anybody should know better how to respond to their handlers, you might think it would be Marty, considering how he has masterminded years of these exact tactics against legitimate protesters. But noooooo! :o

'til later;
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