Author Topic: Philip Boyd, Saving Grace Actor, Rips "The Business That Is Scientology"  (Read 918 times)

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Philip Boyd, Saving Grace Actor, Rips "The Business That Is Scientology" - Village Voice
By Tony Ortega Tue., Oct. 4 2011 at 12:51 PM

"If I could save one person from buying into the business that is Scientology, then it would be worth you writing my story."

That's how actor Philip Boyd concluded an interview that I didn't even expect to happen.

Let me back up: I'm in Southern California for a school visit, and with some free time on my hands, I went to Santa Monica to meet some folks I talk to for our Scientology stories.

Through something of an accident, however, I was introduced to Boyd, an up-and-coming actor who has appeared or had recurring roles in several series (Saving Grace, Franklin and Bash, Knight Rider) and movies (Deadland, First Daughter).

And here's what's really remarkable about him: even though he was never publicly identified as a Scientologist, he left the church and decided it was time to speak out about it.

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He also had problems with Scientology's famous detox program, the "purification rundown." For days and days, he sat in a sauna, five hours at a time, while taking increasing doses of niacin.

"A girl passed out and was taken to the hospital," he says. "Then they wanted to charge her $300 for auditing to explain why she got sick." Boyd thought that was pretty ridiculous, too. "She ended up blowing as well," he says, using the Scientology word for "defecting."

After almost a month in the sauna, Boyd himself began to have problems.

"On the 29th day, I started throwing up. A lot. But they would tell me to go back in. When I did, after five minutes, I'd throw up again." For three days, it was the same. But Boyd says he could feel that he was hurting himself with the procedure. "I finally told them, 'I'm done.' I wanted no more part of it."

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This is good to read. Perhaps a blog piece? Later. Too busy right now but it definately is an important statement he's making.
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