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Scientology Symposium: Commenters of the Week! - Village Voice (blog)
8 October 2011, 10:07 am

It is also noteworthy that Philip has specifically addressed the issue of the dangers of the Purification Rundown, which lies at the heart of Narconon, the cult's most lucrative and deceitful front group. David Love is taking a wrecking ball to the Narconon rehab facility in Trois-Rivieres, half-way between Montreal and Quebec. His complaint to the College of Physicians has already gotten a Scientology doctor banned from serving at Narconon and certifying that Narconon patients are medically capable of undergoing the dangerous regime of overheated saunas for weeks on end and the equally dangerous regime of megadoses of niacin. Replacing him will be extremely difficult if not impossible and might necessitate Narconon having their patients certified in the US....

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