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Rebel at last - Times of Oman
« on: October 13, 2011, 05:00 »
Rebel at last - Times of Oman
13 October 2011, 2:54 am
John Graham - Tony James Features

Friends thought it would never happen. Now it looks as though it has. After years of doing what she was told by husband Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes has finally risen and taken charge of her own life.

And that means that Katie, 32, is leaving the dominating influence of the Scientology religion behind and is going all out for a major movie career. “We all think Katie’s lived in Tom’s shadow for far too long,” says a close friend. “She has restricted her career because of him but she’s not going to do that any more. She is a talented actress and she is desperate to reach her full potential.”

Despite Tom’s ruling that she should stay at home and look after daughter Suri, Katie is scheduled to make no less than six movies over the next two years. Including the thriller Don’t be Afraid of the Dark and the comedy Pieces of April.
“Katie has put her foot down at last about what she should do with her life,” an insider says. “Movies are in and Scientology is definitely out!” Until recently Tom has insisted that his wife attends Scientology classes for up to four hours a day.

Now, say friends, she’s seldom there. And when the cult held a big anniversary dinner recently, Tom was at the top table ... and his wife was at a Katy Perry concert!
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