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Sandy Springs opposition, take note of this article
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June 16, 2006
Musician, philosopher, counselor, teacher, and entrepreneur, Milton James, opens a center to share his ideas and spread the word.

Wow, add a couple of professions to his name, and he can be just like L. Ron Hubbard, war hero, philosopher, nuclear physicist, poet, musician, humanitarian, conman, yada, yada, yada.

Part 2 is here:

Part of the Florida chapter of the scientology front group, Ebony Awakenings, law school dropout, he is now an (at the time of the article) an operations manager for a document retrieval service (eek!).  He started a scientology mission in Seminole Heights, Florida in 2006.

James said he has received positive feedback about the center, but some neighbors said not everyone is happy about having a Scientology outpost in the area.


The city's zoning department recently found violations on the property, which has upset some neighbors and made them wonder if James will have to close the outreach center.

When you come in to any space to run a business... you need to find out what you need to operate correctly," Genovar-Simons said.  "You can't just come in."

Zoning officials said that while the building's zoning allows for a church or counseling center, Alessi needs topull the proper permits and submit a site plan for how the building will be used.  Also, a fence in front of the property is taller than allowed.

To comply with city codes, Alessi must crete a buffer between the building and adjacent houses and provide enough off-street parking, said Gloria Moreda, the manager of the city's land development coordination office.

Code enforcement officials said Alessi has until June 23 to bring the property into compliance or ask for more time.

Alessi said he has been working with zoning officials to rake care of the issues.  For now, James can keep the mission open.

Alessi is James' father, who owns the building.  Lovely picture included in the article:

I'm not sure what ever happened to this mission.  Maybe some more time in the google stacks will tell us.
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