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Scientology Thursday Stats: This Week's Roundup! - Village Voice (blog)
10 November 2011, 12:42 pm
Every Thursday afternoon, Scientology's "orgs" -- its churches, as it were -- scramble to report their weekly stats to show how much progress they've made over the week before. And woe to those whose numbers are sagging!

We do something similar here at Runnin' Scared every week. A little before the Thursday 2pm deadline, we tally up the previous week's media hits and misses for the church, and we look for stories far and wide.

In fact, this week's roundup starts in far-off Norway, where one of Scientology's all-time most formidable critics took on the sort of cultural icon it's hard to beat these days: that country's version of an American Idol judge.

During our recent big countdown, we made sure that Andreas Heldal-Lund had a place of honor. For fifteen years, the unassuming Norweigian engineer has maintained one of the most important sources of information critical to Scientology, his website "Operation Clambake."

During that time, Heldal-Lund took advantage of liberal Scandinavian ideas about freedom of expression to fend off repeated attempts by Scientology's attorneys to have the website pulled down. During the 1990s, when the church's attorneys were having much more success pulling down similar sites here in the U.S., Heldal-Lund's website was a sort of beacon of Internet freedom.

Now, however, he's facing a rather interesting Scientology onslaught right in his own backyard....

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