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Scientology Storms Out of Court in France, Getting Hammered in Florida: It's ... - Village Voice (blog)
17 November 2011, 12:22 pm


Mark Bunker sent over to us another tease from his upcoming Scientology documentary, Knowledge Report, and this one is a real treat.

We've written here several times that few former Scientologists ever endured as much legal persecution and really unbelievable levels of harassment as Gerry Armstrong. But how did it all start? In this video, Gerry describes that his unpardonable sin, as a Scientologist, was an earnest desire to eliminate L. Ron Hubbard's lies about his past from church propaganda -- which he felt would benefit Scientology.

Watch Gerry describe his attempt at a good deed as we begin this week's Thursday Stats Roundup, taking a look at Scientology news from around the world. Each Thursday at 2 pm, Scientologists race to get their statistics up for a weekly measuring. And we like to do the same here at Runnin' Scared!

As Gerry explains, he had been given the task of gathering biographical documents about Hubbard so that another person could write an authorized biography of the Scientology founder.

But the more documents he gathered, the more Gerry was stunned to see how the actual historical record differed from what Hubbard had told the world about himself. When he brought this up to his superiors, and urged them to have Scientology's PR department stick to actual facts, he was hounded out of the church and then began a Kafkaesque period fighting for his ability to live a normal life. (And perhaps our astute readers could recommend the best article or book that describes Gerry's legal nightmare. I'll post an update here.)

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