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Scientology's 'Super Power' Building: Cash Cow for the Church - Village Voice (blog)
21 November 2011, 8:08 am

Part 4 of the epic Scientology series at the St. Petersburg Times hit the web last night and hits streets in Florida this morning.

This fourth installment focuses on Scientology's biggest construction project: its "Super Power" building that was started a decade ago and still isn't finished. Whether or not its spacey facilities (see photo) will really provide high-level Scientologists with the awesome superpowers they've been chasing throughout their careers, the building also served a very different purpose for the church, write St. Pete Times journalists Joe Childs and Tom Tobin.

Telling church members that completing the building will heal the problems of a troubled planet, Scientology has pried at least $145 million from its parishioners.

But Tobin and Childs don't just count the money. They also suggest (in a slightly oblique way), that the building served a cynical purpose in more than one way...

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