Author Topic: [Blog] Scientology's "NarCONon" Fraud Targets Our Children  (Read 1183 times)

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Scientology's "NarCONon" Fraud Targets Our Children
4 May 2008, 2:26 pm

The Battlecreek Enquirer has been reporting that the notoriously criminal Scientology corporatrion has been once again targeting our children and attempting to sneak in to legitimate events:

This is unacceptable.  The Scientology cororation's quack medical fraud they call "NarCONon" is medically unsafe and scientifically unworkable.  For details about the fraud, check out NarCONon _Is_ Scientology and do some research in to this insane criminal fraud.

What's horrible is that scientology continues to target kids in its endlessly cynical attempt to rook and swindle money from gullible, ignorant rubes who haven't learned yet that the fake "drug treatment" scam Scientology runs is in fact Scientology.

My opinions only and only my opinions.

Source: Scientology's "NarCONon" Fake Front exposed

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