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Sherlock couldn’t crack Holmes (IOL Lifestyle |
December 12 2011 at 11:38am
By Margaret Gardiner

Actress Katie Holmes (AP Photo/Shizuo Kambayashi)

Katie Holmes aka Mrs Tom Cruise, mother of Suri, is a classic beauty of the ilk not seen in Hollywood today. She’s got a softness about her that makes you think she’s fragile. Tumbling black hair worn to the side away from her dimpled cheek, and huge violet blue eyes, brings back the image of yesteryear. But Katie is tougher than she looks; maybe because she is tabloid fodder. On becoming Mrs Tom Cruise – yes, she was the cause of him jumping on Oprah’s coach – Katie, and then their daughter, Suri, have become a staple in every magazine that covers such things. Not a week goes by without a picture of the gorgeous tot clutching the hand of her mother, as they shop, play in the ocean, and go about their lives. So maybe it’s understandable that she is reluctant to answer questions that are not movie-related.

There was a time when she was on the cusp of stardom for her work, rather than the man she was teamed with, that she addressed the press with shy eagerness. The year she and Tom became an item (2005), I interviewed her on the set of Batman (she was recast in the subsequent sequel). With her half smile and tilted glance, she charmed as she seemed to stumble over words to reveal this emerging Katie Holmes.

It was with this memory that I looked forward to interviewing her again in New York to promote, Don’t be Afraid of the Dark. What I found was a very different Katie.

Deflecting the most inane, sympathetic questions, like “How do you cope with the constant barrage of paparazzi?” A demure intake of breath, and glance at her publicist, who immediately yells out: “Can we keep it about the film?”
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This story put me in mind of another:

I suppose the "publicist" has no idea how wacky this seems to the general public? Sheesh.....Run, Katie run!
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