Author Topic: Narconon and confusion with Narcotics Anonymous  (Read 2286 times)

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Narconon and confusion with Narcotics Anonymous
« on: March 23, 2012, 17:28 »
I know that we regulars know that Narconon IS NOT Narcotics Anonymous, nor is it related to Naranon, the program for families of drug users.  But there is confusion in the minds of the public, and I am grateful for all the people who point this out to people.  I ran across this thread on another forum: NarAnon Residential? how to afford for son?

It goes like this:
Original Poster:
my son is 18. he is now addicted to heroin. he is currently in a 5-day program, but they want him to come in 2 days to me. I cant let him come back here. i have to stop being an enabler.

I want him in NarAnon Residential Program but cannot afford it. How do you do it?????????? any one know?

is this program for only the rich?

Followup Poster:
You are confused.
Neither NarAnon nor Narcotics Anonymous have any sort of residential program.

Original Poster:
http: //www.
http: //www.

these two claim to be rehabs of NA

Those links are Narconon of Southern California and Narconon San Diego, by the way.

Followup Poster:
Sorry, but I did not see anything about Narcotics Anonymous on either of those sites.

I think you should read this though about Narconon from

NarCONon is Scientology!

etc.... followed by links to

Original Poster:
Thank You Thank You Thankyou
For Explaining This To Me

How Sad

I Was Almost Mislead By This Fake Organization

They Were Even Talking My Ex Into Paying The Money

Bless You

I, too, say bless you to the Followup Poster.  Who knows how many your post may have saved from going to Narconon thinking it had anything to do with NA.
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