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Title: Community Rehab - Orange, CA
Post by: mefree on January 14, 2016, 23:12
Saw this complaint on Ripoff Report about Community Rehab. It doesn't seem scientological, but has some familiar themes.

Community Rehab Overcharged- lied to- it is 100% a scam Orange California - Ripoff Report (
They don't take vitals, they don't have nurses, they do drug screens sometimes and it doesn't matter if you fail because you have been using while there.  They will charge your insurance for regular drug tests- and it will be 1400.
much more at

This picture from their Facebook page doesn't exactly inspire confidence.


Title: Re: Community Rehab - Orange, CA
Post by: AnonLover on January 15, 2016, 11:33
Good example! I'm interested in gathering a short list of stuff like this.

I'm considering harpooning a suggestion for a show to Dr. Phil re: drug/alcohol rehab scams in general where the Narconon network rehabs are one example in a short list.

Since he frequently does the intervention-type thing where some tortured family comes on his show and the addict is convinced to go to a rehab of Dr. Phil's choosing, I'm thinking this would be good fit for him. And since he's a democrat that loves the current administration, maybe he could try to get Obama's drug czar as an expert guest, and/or the police chief in New England that did the amnesty program turned non-profit group for addicts to turn themselves in for getting help. (since that group is publicly recommending all good rehabs as partners, I'm assuming they must have a screening process of some sort).

End result - Dr. Phil informing the public to be aware of rehab scams like a few key examples with common themes, and relaying how to investigate if you're picking a good one before sending a loved one to a shady facility, could make a solid dent via indirect swipe at Narconon's ability to con people into their programs.
Title: Re: Community Rehab - Orange, CA
Post by: mefree on January 17, 2016, 09:38
Interesting idea. Bolster with an impacted family that hasn't signed a gag order, yet.