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'Scientology want to discredit Katie Holmes': Ex-Church member claims to have ... - Daily Mail
27 July 2012, 8:16 pm
By Daily Mail Reporter

She infamously 'blindsided' Tom Cruise by filing for divorce last month, leaving the Church of Scientology in a public relations nightmare.

And now the church is seeking to 'discredit'  Katie Holmes, according to a former member, who claims to have 'seen internal memos' on the subject.

'Internally, the wheels are in motion to discredit Katie. We have moles that are pretending to be good Scientologists who report back to us on the outside. I’ve seen internal memos about Katie.'

Samantha left Scientology back in 2009 after 24 years and claims she was immediately declared a 'suppressive person' by the Church.

Former Scientology spokesman Mike Rinder agreed with Samantha, saying: 'Katie Holmes is probably the biggest suppressive person out there right now.

'Tom, if he were an ordinary Scientologist, would be ordered to disconnect from Katie and because Suri will be living with Katie, he couldn’t see her either.

'But because Tom is so high-profile, it would create a total furore if the public knew he was cutting Suri off. This is an example of the church at its most hypocritical.'

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