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Re: Per Wickstrom
« Reply #80 on: January 27, 2016, 08:08 »
Forgive me if I'm wrong but it looks like TRANQUILITY DETOX have an active licence in Michigan.

Links here to articles of Incorporation, certificate of assumed name and annual reports-
That's the corporate registration, which I don't check yet. (I'll probably call that "LARA Corp".)

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Re: Per Wickstrom
« Reply #81 on: April 29, 2016, 10:04 »
Okay, I've finished the glue to connect Argon to the wiki pages. Now all of Per's locations have an infobox straight from LARA on their individual pages.

To do:
1. Change the underlying class to move them over to the left, non-floating.
2. Figure out why LARA occasionally reorders the program list on their pages.
3. Make one change summary page to monitor.

eg: Category:Narconon Freedom Center

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Re: Per Wickstrom
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Very nice and useful.  L-O-:
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Re: Per Wickstrom
« Reply #83 on: January 22, 2017, 14:27 »
Per Wickstrom's new home in Safety Harbor, FL, as reported in the Tampa Bay Times on 1/22/2017.  Price tag is $6.857 million dollars.

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Re: Per Wickstrom
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Thanks, whitesand. No surprise there... This information below helps explain how he makes some of his money

Narconon Reviews:  new article relevant to this thread

Alert: Insurance Coverage & Collections Issues
On our radar: Best Drug Rehabilitation Inc, unbranded Narconons
Written by Mary McConnell on January 8, 2017
[..] We would like to share with you a recent memo we received from attorney Catherine Villanueva of the law firm Jeffrey Ray, P.C., regarding the above case and collection tactics being employed by Best Drug Rehabilitation and other unbranded Narconon programs against people who were under the belief that their health insurance was covering the treatment. ....[..] read on

Reference: New lawsuit posted
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